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Business on Instagram is gaining momentum. More than 200 million users visit at least one business profile per day, and about 60% of all Instagrammers use the app to find information about goods and services.

And for marketers, this is a particularly exciting time. Instagram has recently announced its launching a new set of tools for them, including new business profiles, analytics, and the ability to create ads directly in the app.  

Having declared themselves through Instagram, brands get a powerful tool for sales and loyalty support, as well for potent portrayal of their unique personality, authority, spirit and company values. Is your company on Instagram yet? It’s time to fix it.

Let us offer you some tips for successful promotion on Instagram: from the formation of the initial concept to the intricacies of strategic storytelling. 

Find your Niche

In order to prove successful, your brand needs a unique charisma, a collection of ideas, values, symbolic associations and emotions that should come together effectively to make up a coherent identity or image. Such that your audience can easily relate to and fall in love with.  

Creating your unique niche lies at the heart of successful marketing. It is essential for creating a memorable  image of your brand on social media. 

The niche you choose should not be too general, but not too narrow either. Choosing too narrow a niche will ultimately lead you to simply not having enough material for publication. While choosing an overly generalized niche might get in the way of attracting targeted subscribers.

For instance, creating a page on entertainment is too general. The page about the Rammstein group is too narrow. But about rock music – just about right.

Unique Tone Of Voice  

At the core of every successful brand is a version of human nature, a unique map of the universe. It takes the user five seconds to decide whether to subscribe to your account or not. The first thing he will pay attention to is your Tone of Voice.  

Tone of Voice (TOV) is a term that describes the style and nature of a brand’s dialogue with a potential customer through a carefully constructed set of words and images. This is the very “raison d’être” of the brand that settles in the minds of subscribers, forms the image of the business and an emotional attitude towards it. 

Pay foremost attention to your unique tone of communication, as it is what sets you apart from your competitors on Instagram. 

Pay Smartly to Save Time 

Now, finding enough subscribers on Instagram is another pivotal aspect for your brand’s promotion. There is no brand image without an audience. You can spend considerable time gathering your audience, or you could set aside a minor budget for fast content promotion. Social media shops like SocialWick could cater for most of your simple promotion needs, as it is an instant boost of your social media fellowship. This strategy could be termed “paying less to gain more”. It could save you time and effort. Remember, time is money. 

Keep Your Friends Close, Your Competitors Closer 

Competitor analysis is a treasure trove of useful information for your strategy. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “Our age is retrospective. it builds the sepulchres of the fathers.” This does not mean that you should plagiarize someone else’s content, but never assume that good ideas can pop up in your mind only. Analyze how and what your competitors did, and then use these tools if they are, of course, effective for your campaign. 

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