George Rulter Discusses What Is the Role of Religion?

From the beginning of history, religion has played a central role in the history of humanity. Religion has countless aspects, including rituals, ethics, social norms, and emotional impacts. Throughout the millennia, religion has not been easy to Define.  George Rutler has built a career out of trying to interpret sacred texts for their followers. Father Rutler believes that religion is a force for good. At the same time, society is changing quickly. Therefore, many people have asked the question, what is religion’s role today? What should the impact of faith in the modern world be? There are a few points to keep in mind. 

Religion Is Struggling To Keep Up with the Changes

Religion is rooted deeply in tradition. No matter what religion we are discussing, tradition plays a significant role. Therefore, it only makes sense that religion has a hard time keeping up with societal changes. Simultaneously, if faith cannot change, it will have a hard time relating to the younger generation. Eventually, its followers are going to pass away, and religion might die with them. Therefore, faith needs to try to modernize to keep up and remain relevant in the modern era. As a result, what types of changes need to take place for religion to stay relevant? Father Rutler believes that religion should offer a future vision to keep followers interested today.

Religion Provides a Look to the Future

Ultimately, it is the job of religion to provide some vision for the future. Just about every religion on Earth, including Christianity and Catholicism, have some version of Heaven. Even Pagan religions, such as the ancient Vikings, discussed Valhalla. Therefore, faith should continue to encourage people to look to the future. Religion should provide a different vision for another kind of society. As long as religion continues to challenge people to imagine, thank, and create, faith can give birth to a better future for everyone and not just for those who believe in them.

Even though religion does live in the present, it should encourage people to continue to live out their principles and beliefs. Every religion, including Catholicism, should encourage others to be advocates for the betterment of society. Faith should also continue to advocate for those without power. 

Religion Must Be a Moral Voice of Reason

One of the issues that many people are realizing is that society is becoming increasingly amoral. This doesn’t necessarily mean that society has terrible morals. It merely means that people are not paying any attention to morals. That is where religion can be helpful once again. Religion needs to act as a moral voice. Faith should continue to challenge the injustices that are present in the world. As a result, religion has a role to play in modern culture. 

Even though many sacred texts are collections of works in the past, they still play a role in the present. Religion must listen to society and create a dialogue among the people who participate in it. Religious leaders, such as George Rutler, understand that progress is not a one-way street. No single religion is perfect. No society is perfect. At the same time, the moral voice of faith can make America a better place. 

Religion Has a Role To Play

When people think about religion, they usually think about some path to fulfillment. Even though this is true, religion will play a significant role in the future of modern society. The only question is what kind of role religion is going to play. As long as religion can continue to act as a moral compass, faith can make the world a better place. At the same time, religion may have to modernize to remain relevant to the younger generation. 

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