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Covid-19 Pandemic: How Preppers Get Ready for a Second Wave

The pandemic has been around for quite some time now, and we are unsure when it will come to an end. Despite it still being there, we can say that people are starting to get used to its presence and are slowly adjusting their lives.

We begin to look for ways to fit in the new normal and make things work in this new setup. People are starting to go out of their homes and go on with their lives.

Having a haircut, going to the mall, and dining at restaurants are only some of the things they are trying to explore again after a long time of being idle.

Preparedness experts, however, are troubled because people are not yet getting ready for the second wave of this pandemic.

This is something that will inevitably come, so we must be aware of the things we should do before it gets too late. To help you prepare, we have listed down a couple of prepping basics to get ready for the second wave.

Prepare Your Finances

If there is one lesson we all have learned since the pandemic started, anything is possible. No one expected for it to last this long and that it would require us to stay inside our homes and for our lives to be placed on pause. Alongside being restricted to go out also comes the uncertainty of getting back to our regular work.

We must learn from this experience and be wise with our finances. There are unexpected expenses that may arise along the way, so it only fits that we prepare for these unforeseen circumstances. It is best that we set aside a portion of our money for medical emergencies, so we have the resources whenever it is needed.

Medical expenses lean more on the expensive side and if we are not prepared to pay for these, our access to health care may not be as easy. You may believe that you are from contracting the virus especially if you are just staying home, but you will never know the odds and the things that might happen. As they say, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Get Healthy

Staying healthy is one of the essential things preppers do to prepare for the second wave of this pandemic. We know from the experiences of Covid-19 survivors and medical professionals’ accounts that those who have underlying health conditions are more susceptible to the virus. Heart disease and diabetes are only two of these illnesses that may make the patient less capable of handling the virus if ever they get infected by it.

Oftentimes, people buy gears to protect themselves instead of striving to become fit and staying healthy. They disregard fitness without knowing that it can reduce one’s risk of contracting the virus and other health-related concerns. Being healthy is highly crucial, especially during a pandemic, as it increases a person’s chances to survive the virus.

Store Non-Perishable Food

As times can be uncertain during a pandemic, you must make sure you have enough food water to survive. It is essential that you nourish your body as much as you exercise to keep it healthy and strong against diseases. You can do this by storing at least two week’s worth of food and water supply.

We recommend non-perishable food items so they can last longer and avoid spoilage. Each family member must have a separate supply of their own and at least a gallon of water a day for their consumption. However, we must also bear in mind that we must be responsible consumers and avoid hoarding these necessities.

Everyone needs access to food and water, making it necessary for us to look after each other’s welfare. A better way to slowly build up your supply of food and water is to pick up a couple of canned goods, a gallon of water, and other food items each time you go to the grocery. We also recommend that you learn how to seal mylar bags (for long-term food storage).

Set a Plan

Hitting the grocery and other necessary places to buy goods to prepare you for the second wave can be easy. You already have an idea with respect to the places you need to visit and the list of items that you need to purchase. What turns out to be the challenging part is to create a plan and a particular course of action when a disaster hits once again.

Because some of us are not together with our loved ones, we must prepare a plan suited for this setup. Creating a plan for the second wave of this pandemic is vital and should be as detailed as possible. It must be crafted in a way that addresses your daily living needs and roles, like your children, relatives, pets, and even your work.

Most companies and organizations have already established their setup for the new normal, which will make it easier if you are an employee working for them. But if such arrangement has not been found yet, make sure to ask your superior or employer, so you know what to do when the second wave comes. Once you have all these things laid out and create your plan for all of these responsibilities, practice it to identify if some loopholes and areas need refinement.

Explore Your Alternatives

Living at a time of a pandemic comes along with the uncertainty of many things. We do not know when this will end when a vaccine is made available for everyone, nor do we know our roles and what we contribute to the infection rate. Because of all these questions that remain unanswered, it is crucial that we do not stick to a single course of action.

Educational institutions have been observing this and have already explored their alternatives with the learning setup. Schools are constantly weighing their options and are studying whether remote learning set up, in-person classes, or a combination of both will be most ideal. We must also do this inside our homes and identify different approaches for more effective childcare and routines for work and chores.


The Covid-19 pandemic opened our eyes to how uncertain life may become and what will happen if we do not prepare for whatever lies ahead. It forced us to readjust our lives and everything that we do to stay safe from the virus. We know it is highly fatal, so we must do our share as society members to stop it from spreading even further.

With all these lessons learned, we can better prepare for the second wave of the pandemic. It is just around the block, so we should do our part and be ready. The things we have listed above are only some points to place on your list, but those are crucial ones to help you start prepping.

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