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Best VPS Service and its Web Hosting Features

Hosting activity for your website is a process to drive your website to appear and achieve online visibility. By completing the best performance in managing the website hosting, you have to choose the best VPS service, provider. The best VPS service provider helps you manage the website hosting activity only and provide you with the best VPS service in the performance aspect. Is that all? Not exactly! Best VPS service provider also gives you the best VPS service in the security feature, the best experience in adjusting the website hosting server, and also provide you with the best hardware component which able to make the website hosting activities get easier like you never found it before while using the shared hosting or even the cloud hosting. Best VPS service proved also assists you along the way you use their service. 

In this article, we will spare time to talk about VPS (virtual private server), especially on the definition of what VPS (virtual private server) is, the VPS hosting that you may need on the website hosting process, and also the definition of uptime and downtime in the VPS server understanding. Let’s get started to be informed on the below section.

What Is VPS Web Hosting?

VPS is an acronym that refers to a virtual private server. VPS or virtual private server is the manifestation of virtualized physical computers in the real world. It means that the physical computer and its entire components within the machine are digitalized and converted into the digital environment’s full-digital computer form. Indeed, the performance from the physical computer is also able to perform by the virtualized computer. Virtualized computer has the same function as the compute server. The website hosting practice can receive, manage, and allocate the data or files in the database and maintain its website’s website hosting process. Using VPS, you are granted the virtualized computer, which you can use as a regular computer. So, you can manage to install some software, uninstall software, or change several partitions to powering your website hosting performance. 

Since we talk a lot about VPS, you also need to understand the hosting process and its mechanism. What is hosting actually? Hosting is a process that makes your website going online and reachable for internet users whenever they need certain information or willing to visit your website intentionally. 

The way how hosting on VPS works can be described like this: First, the visitor’s computer will send the request directly to your virtual computer server to access the particular page or content on your website. After that, the virtual computer will verify and looking for the specific files or page on its database. Once the required files or data is found, the virtual computer will send it back to the visitor’s computer so they can enjoy the content within the website. All the process can only be done by using the internet as the main instrument in this two-way communication between the client’s computer and the virtual computer.

The VPS Hosting Features You Need

All of the VPS features (Virtual Private Server) are having the function to help the client fulfill their necessary to create the best performance ever in their website hosting activity. VPS hosting server provides almost all of the strategic features required in the best website hosting experience starting from the storage, server’s performance, privacy, and assistance.


VPS has an ultimate feature in the storage aspect of your website hosting. This feature is divided into two features named as SSD VPS service and Cloud VPS service. SSD (Solid-state drive) is a new invention in hardware development which able to give the better and faster performance than its former named HDD (Hard disk drive). SSD VPS service powered with SSD as the storage hardware that has a function to make the booting process runs faster and doesn’t require the pause time when you accidentally still working on the website hosting while the maintenance is going on. 

Cloud VPS server uses the cloud as the medium on its database, which has a function to make all the processes in the data backups running faster. Cloud server also makes it easier to access the storage from any devices that are compatible with that performance.

Server’s performance

VPS has a feature on the server’s performance aspect that can make your website hosting running more stable and faster than before. This feature is called the dedicated resource. Using the VPS service, you will get the dedicated resource, which will allow you to use the whole resource provided to optimize the hosting performance. This feature cannot be found on cloud hosting or shared hosting. On those hosting plans, the users are only given a single resource, and that resource is shared with the other users at the same time. 


From the privacy aspect, VPS is able to give you the dedicated space, which on this feature, you are the one and only who in charge of that digital environment. Privacy is something that hard to get, especially if you are using the cloud hosting or shared hosting server, which you are sharing the place with some people in the digital environment.


You will get assistance from the VPS provider that consists of IT experts with knowledge and experience in IT areas for years. You can achieve it by choosing the managed VPS plan. After you purchase that VPS plan, you will immediately get full assistance from the VPS provider to help you settle up the server, manage the server, troubleshoot, and assist in securing the VPS server.

Uptime, Downtime

In the hosting area, several terms are commonly found, such as uptime and downtime. You will get the explanation in the below section.


Uptime is an indicator of whether your website is active or not. The functional website mostly indicates the percentage of 99.99%. The best hosting service provider always guarantees the best uptime performance to its client’s website.


Downtime is the condition when your website is experiencing trouble. This condition drives the website to unable to perform activities due to the inactivity that happened by the internal or technical problems. Mostly this problem is appearing when you are using the cloud or shared hosting service. To avoid this issue from happening to you, you can upgrade your server to the VPS server.

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