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Benefits of using Drake Software for preparing Tax Return

So, what exactly is Drake Software?

Making tax returns is a complicated task that needs comprehensive knowledge and technical expertise as to carefully doing the tasks such as returns filing, payroll management, transactions, and handling clients.

Drake Software provides a convenient, user-friendly, and professional interface to pace up the filing of tax returns and increase productivity to support the professionals in preparing the tax returns by accelerating the speed of their work. The services given by Drake Software sequentially improves customer value with the professionals and raise their practice.

Features and Mechanism.

Calculation & Navigation:

It begins its effective mechanism through the planning of tax returns, allowing simple navigation, letting the users to evaluate the returns they are filing or e-filing immediately. It also allows users to evaluate the errors while calculating the tax returns as the software warns users about the inaccurate count. It gives calculation notes to suggest, gives out clues, and specific alerts to the users to increase the efficiency of filing.

Analytics & Tax Planning:

These traits allow the professionals to design their client’s tax returns, filing schedules, compare yearly taxes, analyzing joint and separate tax filing, etc.

Tax preparation and Data entry:

This software has an optimized data entry form which clarifies data and reduces keystrokes by providing an important advantage to users to determine how to enter the data, define and lock fields, determine and access online analysis by browsing the library of tax resource websites through custom internet search tool giving an online informative base for tech support.

Import and Export:

It enables the users to import tax forms and information through the transaction of data to establish the workflow. These forms are– Form 8615, W-2, Schedule D, K-1, trial balance, and Annual balance report.

Work with Drake Documents

Drake documents are well known for their durability in the integration of information. Users can save and access client records, tax forms, returns, and other necessary documents digitally. It has an important property to set the default descriptions for scanned documents and watermark them. Users can also get PDFs and store a fillable PDF tax return.

E-signature and E-file:

This feature reduces the requirement for manual filing and signatures or stamps on the tax form, allowing the tax preparers and payers to sign tax forms or bank applications by a digital signature pad. The e-signature process is genuine and is securely attached to the document. E-filing allows them to confirm consent forms, bank documents, and discretely file state tax returns.

Tax Diagnosis:

Tools like LinkBacks, LookBack, DoubleCheck help the tax preparers to view yearly data, measure results on tax returns to produce the data, and verify data concerning tax information. Other analytical tools include the Multi-Office Manager track workflow and analyze statistical data.

Key Benefits of Drake Software:

Accessibility – One of the key benefits of Drake Tax Software Hosting is that you can access your data anytime & anywhere. You do not have to be at your office to gain access to your files or work on them. You can access it from any device a laptop or a desktop. This facilitates working from home as well or any part of the world. It also enables you to examine your files and keep your work in check.

Virtual Office – The other benefit of Drake Hosted software is that it serves as a virtual office. It enables you to have all your documents in one place. You can store all the tools needed for tax preparation on the hosted platform. It also allows you to share the information with your clients whenever needed. Thus, it decreases traveling and other costs.

Fewer Technological errors – Using a Cloud Desktop platform does not need you to set up costly technological infrastructure related to maintenance and server setup. It saves you from all the technical issues that might appear due to in-house servers.

Data Backup – With the Drake hosted platform, you do not have to worry about an unexpected loss of your data due to adverse circumstances. Your data is all safe and sound in the cloud even if your computer crashes or your office burns down. All you have to do is just log in to your account.

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