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Advantages of water ionizers

Water ionizers are devices used to treat regular tap water with minerals and electric current usually attached to kitchen faucets to give ionized water. Ionized water is free of electrons and contains large amounts of electrically charged ions with low pH. Using water ionizers to change the composition of the mineral compounds present in tap water is known as water ionization. The presence of mineral compounds such as magnesium bicarbonate and calcium bicarbonate in water makes it fit for ionization. Water ionization results in two types of water, namely acidic ionized water and alkaline ionized water. Ionized water has several benefits that help in improving your skin, hair and internal organs.

Naturally occurring water forms when water passes over rocks picking up minerals, which increases its alkaline level. On the other hand, alkaline water from buying is ionized through a chemical process known as electrolysis. The use of water ionizers helps raise the pH of regular water, and it uses electricity to separate molecules in the water.

The process of water ionization

It is easy to understand the process of water ionization and its benefits to the human body. Avid readers can attest that reading pure water guide reviews a person understands how water ionization takes place. Water can be ionized in nature or by adding mineral compounds, making it fit for ionization. Naturally, water ionizes when something dissolves, causing a slight separation of sodium atoms in the salt molecules from the chloride atoms. Upon separation, the chloride atoms and sodium atoms attract each other due to electromagnetic charge since sodium atoms positively charge and chloride atoms negatively charge. Chloride and sodium atoms become ions since they are electromagnetically charged.

Separation of minerals in the water from bicarbonates uses electromagnetism and a special membrane that allows ions, which are the charged particles, to pass through it by the ionization process. Charged particles like water molecules cannot pass through the membrane. Bicarbonates and minerals react with water molecules in a process called hydrolysis after separation. The reaction of water and minerals produces hydroxyl ions, which gives water its healthful antioxidant potential, and this reaction of water and bicarbonate forms a weak solution of carbonic acid. Water containing carbonic acid is acidic, while the one with hydroxides is alkaline. The separate discharge of ionized waters from the machine is the last step of water ionization.

Before buying a water ionizer, it is crucial to test your water to determine the contaminants’ types. The testing process takes place in two significant steps: checking the water pipes and acquiring a quality report. Checking all pipes in your household ensures that there is no problem with them. It will help identify the pipes made from lead that has no anti-corrosion coating on the surface. A quality report helps check the contaminant levels of water from your municipal area connected to your household. The report is done yearly with the second check to ensure there is nothing wrong with your main water supply.

Health Benefits of drinking ionized water

Drinking ionized water will provide your body the following health benefits:

Boosting digestion – Alkaline water has positive effects on the digestive system, specifically on the colon. It aids in the prevention of colon cancer formation and also improves its functions.

Ionized water hydrates the body – As compared to taking water directly from the tap, which might take a longer time to be absorbed into the cell membranes, ionized water takes less time to permeate through the membranes faster hydration. Ionization allows water molecules to breakdown into smaller groups producing smaller 5 H2Omolecules than the normal ones found in ordinary water of 10- 15.

Skin Benefits – Ionized water contains an antioxidant that decreases the number of skin bacteria that causes acne and removes wrinkles making it look younger. To get better results, you must wash your face regularly with ionized water. Besides, this water aids in detoxifying the health and appearance of the skin and the internal organs.

Cancer prevention – Ionized water has anti-cancer benefits in the body due to the presence of antioxidant compounds. These compounds are essential in preventing free radical damage to cells and their DNA by eliminating and neutralizing the free radicals, thus preventing them from causing cellular disruptions that cause cancer.

Cardiovascular system boost – Water ionizers produce water that helps prevent measures against free radical damage. Ordinary water contains normal oxygen that produces free radicals through metabolism, which causes damage to various parts of the cardiovascular system resulting in heart disease.

Improving taste – Ionized water improves food flavor because of its useful hydrating functions compared to regular tap water. Many people believe that ionized water has a smoother and better taste than regular water that is directly sourced from taps.

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