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Many Americans dream of becoming expats after they retire and enjoying their golden years in sunny Mexico. There are so many reasons why Mexico is the perfect senior destination, including the low cost of living and temperate year-round weather. If heading south of the border after your career is finished is part of your plan, there are a few things that you should know.

It’s not always as simple as packing up your home and heading out when considering moving to Mexico for your retirement. The lower cost of living is a huge draw for thousands of Americans that are interested in retiring in Mexico, but those costs are highly dependent on where you choose to settle. Larger cities or resort towns will cost more than a more rural community.

Whether you have always dreamed of walking the beaches of Mexico for your retirement, or you have decided that moving to Mexico post election is the right move for you, it’s essential to do your research before you leave. Let’s take a look at a few things that you should know before retiring in Mexico.


Seniors tend to have more medical needs than younger expats, so you need to consider healthcare costs before settling in Mexico for your retirement. Your current insurance that covers your medical needs stateside will not be effective once you cross the border. Mexico offers affordable insurance plans that will fit almost any need. You can expect to receive excellent medical care while in Mexico as they have a modern and highly rated hospital system.

You will also need to invest in car insurance if you plan to drive while living in Mexico. Just like in the U.S., it is a legal requirement that all vehicles on the road are covered by insurance.


If you are new to Mexico, it’s important not to rush your decision to buy a home or property. Mexico is a large country with many areas that are diverse in their landscapes, culture, and amenities. If you aren’t sure where you want to settle down, take some time to explore. Rent an apartment or home in a few different locales to get a better feel for where you will belong long term. 


For several decades, Mexico has been a popular retirement destination, so you won’t be alone when you head across the border. Before you leave, it can be helpful to make connections with other expats that can help you navigate your new adopted country. Find groups online, talk to friends and family that have made Mexico their home after retirement, and research the various resources available once you arrive. An impressive infrastructure has grown over the years that exists to be of service to new residents.


To live in Mexico, you will require a residential sisa. The type of visa that you will need will be dependent on the length of time you will be staying or whether you will travel between the U.S. and Mexico at different times of the year, similar to traditional snowbirds. To start your application process and find out what type of Visa you will need, you should visit your Mexican consulate

If you dream of white sand beaches or vital and exciting cities, retirement in Mexico may be the perfect destination. Before you leave, do your research about your insurance requirements, what type of visas you will need, and where you can find local resources to help you get adjusted. Once you are settled, you can connect with other expats that have also made their Mexico retirement dreams come true. 

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