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What Nobody Tells You About Having a Puppy

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You’ve probably dreamed about this occasion for years, and now it’s finally becoming a reality. The big day has arrived: you’re getting a puppy! It is fun, exciting, and besides all, really overwhelming, seeing that little ball of fuzz with big eyes and sharp teeth. Now you’re standing in the middle of the room and wonder, “what’s next?”. What should you actually do with your new four-legged friend? How are you supposed to control it? It seems like it’s taking your whole energy. It isn’t very easy. First, breathe and read this plan for what you need to do in your first weeks of parenthood

What to do first?

Welcome to the world of puppies! If you haven’t already got your little furry friend, a mini goldendoodle might be the best choice for a family environment. The basic stuff to do with your first pet is to take it for a walk. Examine its moves, behaviors, and try to control it as much as you can. Don’t panic if it all seems too much for you. It’s quite normal; you’ve never had a puppy before.

Puppies have this tendency to chew things and destroy whatever comes in their path. If you want to save important stuff in your home, go through the area where your puppy spends most of its time removing anything that might get chewed or destroyed. For instance, you can remove things like:

  • Shoes
  • Kid’s toys
  • Electrical cords
  • Dirty socks – a dog-s favorite delicacy
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Books
  • Vintage furniture

Don’t get scared; you’ll eventually learn how to control it over a short while and create a beautiful relationship between you and your pup.  

Puppy starter kit

First things first: you need a crate. It will be easier for you to place the pup out of risks when you won’t be able to supervise. Then, it would help if you bought some chew toys—lots of them. Buy a wide variety of types, so you decide which one is your puppy’s favorite. Last but not least, you need training treats. Choose the soft and tiny ones; they’re easier to chew and digest. And for when you’re walking your dog out, pick some dog poop bags.

Get your family involved and establish new rules

You’ll need to establish some ground rules for the new puppy. It is best to gather all your family members and talk about things like:

  • Where should the dog sleep?
  • Is there any room available for storage dog’s stuff?
  • Will the dog be allowed on the couch?
  • Who will walk, feed, and train the pup?

By discussing these things, everything will go much more efficiently since every family member gets involved. 

Create a routine 

Every pet thrives on routine. You’ll have to train your dog to do the same things at the same hour every day. It will help speed up the training process and help the dog settle in better. Knowing what to expect the next day will give you and your pup more confidence and safety. Socialization is also important for pets, but don’t rush into introducing your new puppy to everyone. Take more time to introduce everything and everyone slowly, so you can make it more comfortable for the pup to get used to their new life. 

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