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Underwear Handmade in America

Despite all the hand-wringing and posturing, America still makes things. From Harley Davidsons to Gibson Guitars to Weber grills, this country continues to make our products in house and export our unique cultural treasures to the rest of the world. Now you can add Culprit to that prestigious list of American exports. Not only is Culprit underwear made in the United States, but they’re also making strides to redefine what we think of when we discuss products that have been made in the USA.

Bristling With American Bravado

There’s a unique swagger to Americans. That’s not to say that there isn’t swagger elsewhere, but this is the country that defined modern democracy and stormed the shores of Iwo Jima. The designs at Culprit reflect the boisterous, colorful, and outside-the-box sense of style that’s just essentially American. Whether it’s a pudgy Godzilla attacking Japan or cowboys riding dinosaurs, the irreverent prints on Culprit shirts are made in America but conceived and designed in America as well.

But Not Afraid to Get in Touch With Their Feminine Side

Culprit believes that everyone deserves to feel comfortable, and that’s why they’re equally opportunistic in their mission to provide underwear that feels good, looks great, and instills confidence. And the Culprit ladyboxers series is about more than just adjusting the sizes of their existing male shorts. They also take into account differing body types and styles. They’re designed to ride middle high waisted, providing you with a snug and comfortable fit that provides sufficient support while also making your booty look like a million bucks.

Seriously Conscientious

American manufacturing and production used to be about community and everyone pitching together for the greater good. We promoted self-individualism while recognizing that we were all charting a mutually beneficial path towards disparity. It can sometimes feel like we’ve lost that along the way, but Culprit is committed to reinforcing values of leadership and ethical responsibility in their business practices. After all, an unequal and climate-ravaged world is a world where comfy underwear is no longer a priority.

All of Culprit’s clothing is made in a vertical mill in California. Every stage of the process is dedicated to being as ecologically friendly as possible without sacrificing quality along the way. The results are a supply chain that prioritizes quality control and can proudly back the labor ethics of their workers. It may cost a little more, but it’s a sign of American products once again being synonymous with quality.

But Still Committed to Comfort

The most ecologically friendly pair of boxers in the world won’t be much use to you if it doesn’t feel good. Culprit can help your boys feel cozy even when it feels like the sauna has been cracked up to 10. Their fabrics are highly breathable while still remaining flexible and durable – a perfect combination of factors for everything from the office to the living room to the gym. And Culprit hasn’t neglected the small things either. From the comfortable drawstring front to the form-fitting shape, these boxers feel like wearing nothing at all.

And Focused on America’s Greatest Value: Convenience

Shopping American doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. Culprit wants to get their American made underwear onto your body, and they’re willing to give you a deep discount for the privilege. Their mix and match subscription boxes are a great way to keep your underwear drawer fully stocked up all the time, and the surprise of new designs coming in the mail might be enough to get you to crack a smile. This is what American made should be about.

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