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The Reasons Why CBD Has Become So Popular

Cannabidiol, the compound that is found inside of the cannabis plant and what is more commonly referred to as CBD, has now infiltrated large parts of society thanks to its ability to treat a number of different medical conditions. As a result, most people are now aware of the health benefits that using CBD can bring. 

With how popular it has become, it is believed that the trend for CBD in products will only increase further and the industry will be worth around $20 bn come the year 2024. We have taken a look at some of the reasons for its growing popularity below. Readout this article and for more information visit

Used by other industries

Because CBD has been adopted by a number of other industries, it now seems like the substance is everywhere. To date, CBD can be found in everything from cosmetics and supplements, through to coffee and even activewear clothing – preventing soreness. 

The companies within these various industries are continually looking to use the benefits that the substance provides by placing it directly into their products. For example, those cosmetic brands that have put CBD oil into their skin care products are marketing them to be beneficial to the skin given the fact that the compound has been proven to be beneficial to the skin. 

Within the food industry, CBD is being added to protein shakes and hot drinks. Some breweries have even gone as far as infusing it into their alcoholic beer. This wide adoption of the substance by society has led to more people using CBD oil in general. If for those interested in trying it out for themselves, then take a look at the best cbd oil out there.

Legal framework

Since 2018, the legality around CBD has changed considerably and varies greatly from country to country. For instance, in the United States CBD oils, such as penguin cbd, were decriminalized at federal level thanks to the Farm Bill.

Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of America approved the CBD based drug, Epidiolex, for use in a move, which at the time, was truly groundbreaking. It is now used to treat Dravet syndrome – a serious type of epilepsy that is present from childhood. This approval massively contributed to increased notion that CBD can be and is effective in treating a number of medical conditions, thus increasing its popularity even more.

Evidence of efficacy

Most of the evidence that you hear about the benefits of using CBD for certain ailments are purely anecdotal – the least certain type of evidence. However, actual scientific studies are starting to appear that go to show that CBD oil is effective in treating mental health conditions, such as insomnia and anxiety, which have been caused by post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Similarly, other research indicates that it also has antidepressant qualities, as it is able to impact directly on the brain’s serotonin receptors. These are responsible for controlling mood and social behavior. All of these things have, again, increased the popularity of CBD with the rest of the population.

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