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The Doomsday Clock is a Lot Closer Than We All Believe

On Wednesday, there were news reports of the newly updated Doomsday Clock. Mainstream media outlets were reporting that the clock would remain at 100 seconds to midnight. While the clock remains in the same position, it’s the closest to midnight than it has ever appeared in its history.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists handles the adjustments to the clock based on worldwide conditions. They factor in things like nuclear weapons, global pandemics, and climate change. The group praised recent actions by Biden as helping maintain the doomsday situation amid a global pandemic.

While the world watches the reports on this politically driven “doomsday clock” the real doomsday is building right here in the United States. All courtesy of Joe Biden and the Left.

In just one week of being in office, Joe Biden and the Left have celebrated their work. Destroying thousands of jobs and preventing billions of dollars from entering the US economy, to the Left it seems like something worth celebrating.

Since Biden took office, the Dow has yet to have a positive day through close on Wednesday. The same cannot be said for Biden’s friends in Beijing, who continue to see their market performing well. Businesses around the country know what is on the horizon.

Policies such as the $15 minimum wage, the government regulations that are being reenacted, and the continued lack of a plan to deal with the coronavirus weigh on the country. Americans are already responding that Biden is not doing a very good job to unify the country and of putting American interests first. Somewhere a meme is already being prepared of Donald Trump asking if Americans miss him yet.

Dozens of Executive Orders have been signed and not one single order has benefited the American people. The promises to build back better are emerging as empty words, just as we all knew they would be.

Democratic policies amid the pandemic are leading to an increase in suicides and depression. Hundreds of thousands of businesses are closing and we are simply to believe that good ol’ Joe is on it and going to fix it.

The real doomsday is not sitting in some “scientific” clock maintained by a bunch of politically motivated scientists. They are simply trying to pressure officials and media into pushing their political agenda and narrative.

The doomsday scenario is happening right here in our own United States, where Joe Biden and the Left are working to destroy freedom, the Constitution, and anything that stands in their path. They will not stop until they have our economy decimated where it will need another lifesaving measure from someone like President Donald Trump. They will not stop until they have forced millions more Americans out of jobs and onto government dependence.

Our country is on a terrible trajectory that, if not corrected, may be impossible to recover from. Americans are learning Joe Biden is not what he claimed. He is far from a moderate and is a significant departure from the America First policies of President Donald Trump.

Perhaps Biden Can Crowdsource Some More Lies

Joe Biden and his administration made headlines recently when they claimed that the Trump administration left them no plans for the coronavirus and the distribution of the vaccine. They claimed the Trump administration was simply getting by and that they must essentially start over.

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Jared Dyson

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