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Date Online Better: Psychology of Dating Sites

With the course of time and more advanced processes of digitalization and globalization, online interactions have become a common thing not just for business, but personal affairs as well. When people try to compare pros and cons of online and offline dating, to say that supporters of this or that approach are completely right means to deny the benefits of the other alternative. The one thing is for sure though: communicating via the Web is a good way of meeting new acquaintances and love. Craigslist is very well known for its old-school classified posts, but it looks like a reliable place to find romantic dates, casual encounters, and much more. Still, there are some specifics to know when you do online dating. Craigslist helper is a company that can help you with your online classifieds to be more successful.

Without a doubt, these two main methods to deal with individuals have a lot in common, but online dating psychology still seems an unsolvable puzzle for numerous enthusiasts to give a try to this option. While ones believe dating online serves for advantages of the hook-up culture only, the percentage of those who were lucky to find their future spouse online keeps on enhancing.

Are there any secrets which can help to prolong the online communication story and make something serious of flirting? Stay tuned to check it out!

Online vs. Offline Dating Psychology

Just take a minute to think about opportunities an average person has to meet a new personality in their life. When bars, restaurants and other places to get acquainted with strangers don’t bring the expected result, online services are always there. One of the major differences between these two ballgames is the pool of candidates and level of stress.

Nobody can guarantee that your first try to talk to someone passing you by in your neighborhood will lead to having a cup of coffee together. You should be brave enough to be ready for possible refusals. Chatting online gives you a chance to get prepared for further conversation.

What is more, you are able to spend hours checking the other users’ profiles to find out whether the partner has the same or interesting hobbies, beliefs, and views to discuss or to ask about. When communicating offline, the process of discovering someone’s individuality isn’t that simple from the very beginning.

Whether applying to a dating website or a corresponding application of the kind, people have information about their potential suitors before actually talking with them. In real life, you can get to know more about a person only when the third parties like friends or relatives become the sponsors of your communication.

Take It Easy or How Dating Principles Work

When it comes to online relationships, the time it takes to level up from virtual conversations to in-person meetings differs depending on the particular situation. Of course, online daters have a great chance to save a lot of resources on booking tickets, planning visits, and so on. Advanced platforms offer services to prepare gifts for the other half, both internet and real presents that will be sent and delivered to the recipient’s location with minimum effort at your end.

In this perspective, since online dating seems to be much simpler in terms of preparations, people tend to approach it more carelessly. However, dating psychology recommends all the participants of such liaisons to do important things in the old-fashioned way.

Have you ever considered what dating with a purpose means? The opposite substitution is like driving your car in random directions, and this approach is far from what can lead to happiness in the long run. You can believe in destiny, but stable and healthy relationships are a work of both partners, so you should take responsibility for saving and supporting the natural harmony and chemistry between both.

The list of wide-spread recommendations to take into account is rather long. To make your minutes spent on reading this article more efficient, here are the briefly described points that are worth highlighting according to the psychology of online dating.

Inner Preparedness to Be Happy

This may sound awkward, but if you are not ready to build a family with your family-oriented girlfriend, the final dot of your romance may be very disappointing for both. The opposites attract, but some of the main views that form our picture of the world are better to be the same.

For instance, just imagine that you love children and a healthy lifestyle, while your partner is more eager to develop himself as a businessman and would like to travel around the globe with the other half. When life purposes are so different, it would be a tough challenge to come to a solution that will satisfy both partners.

Honesty and Nothing but Truth

Creating online portfolios on dating applications, there is such a temptation to show off and describe yourself as a better, more beautiful and more intelligent personality. A lie that you are a few inches higher than in reality won’t be a complete damage to your relationships, but more serious secrets will not just cause misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Once you will meet with your beloved online interlocutor in real life, and what then? If you don’t want to play the main part in the meme of «expectations vs. reality», it is better to reveal your true self to find those who will appreciate and love you without making you pretend to be someone else.

The Willingness to Compromise and Negotiate

Offenses and quarrels are natural for any partnership. What is really important is the chosen way to go out of this quandary. If suitors are interested in growing of their balanced relationship, the position «I am always right» isn’t the best thing to do. It doesn’t mean a person must get rid of the things he or she adores in favor of the other half’s desires.

Instead, you have to listen to each other and tell what you like and dislike — everything in order to be able to find a satisfactory compromise to overcome the challenges you face. And you will face them. There is no need to apply to modern psychology of dating to realize that online relationship requires to decide where you are going to live with your partner in the future, how you want your soulmateship to develop, etc.

Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness

To make sure your searches of a perfect suitor online will be beneficial, you should not only pay attention to how advanced the match-making algorithms of the selected dating platform are, but also make sure what you think you want is really what you deeply desire.

To create a meaningful partnership, a man or a woman has to be a friend of his or her own. Relationships are not what helps you understand how valuable and precious you are (even though it may take place). Self-sustainability and independence are goals to achieve without guidance from third parties.

When you feel «good» about who you are and know the ways to become a better version of yourself, there is no need to boost your self-esteem in the prejudice of your partner. Dating psychology will be useless if blaming someone else for your own mistakes and thus abusing them is more important for you.


Have you ever heard about reverse psychology in dating? In simple words, this is an approach to achieve a desirable result but making the partner do the opposite thing and expecting them to disagree. For instance, you are elusive and show yourself just in the role of a well-put together individual, without laying all your secrets out on the table. Another trick is to complain for compliments and thus make your suitor feel the desire to encourage you and tell you more and more precious words.

At the beginning of your relationship, such approaches and techniques may help you conquer the heart of the other half. However, in the long run, these little lies will only prevent you from getting to know more about the inner world of your suitor.

If you are afraid of boring days (and they are likely to happen to you), you try to challenge your boyfriend/girlfriend by acting in an unpredicted way. This is far from what suits everlasting love. The more patient, tolerant, and opener you are to your potential spouse, the higher chances you create to build a healthy family life.

The Bottom Line

Psychology and dating are deeply interconnected. The first helps greatly to deal with other people better, and partnership with a potential perfect match can’t but reflect a desire to discover the personality of your beloved one. The recommendations mentioned above may seem simple, but following them is a guarantee you will be sure you have done everything possible and right to contribute to your love story.

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