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Everything You Need To Know About CBD

Currently very popular with the health and wellness crowd, cannabidiol or CBD as it is more widely known is legal in some states in the USA, such as Alabama andVirginia, but still illegal in some others, such as Florida and New York.

As a result, it is now in everything from food and drink products, such as coffee and chocolate, to cosmetics and even pet products, such as CBD dog treats. The company called Verma Farms produces a wide range of these that can work to benefit your pet dog in a number of ways – just like it can for humans.

Despite it now becoming more mainstream than ever, there is still lots of confusion as to what exactly the substance really is, how best it should be consumed, and if it is actually completely legal where you are based in the United States. 

What exactly is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound that is found in the cannabid sativa plant, which is also sometimes referred to as hemp or marijuana. Coming from a plant, it is of course, a natural substance rather than a man made one. Whilst CBD has relaxation properties, its cousin delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive that can cause you to feel high and / or even hallucinate. 

Benefits to using CBD

There is only one medication in the United States that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and that is Epidiolex. It is used for the treatment of epilepsy. However, lots of people do claim that it has helped them with numerous other conditions, such as cancer, osteoarthritis, and chronic pain.

CBD has also been known to reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. This is because it really calms you body down and works to remind you that you are completely safe. However, for any of these benefits, CBD is not a wonder drug that will work on everyone to stop everything. Regardless of what you are using it for, you should also at the same time maintain a healthy life style by eating well, exercising a lot, and getting plenty of sleep.

For these reasons, many people choose to use CBD as an alternative to tobacco, as it can be enjoyed in many of the same ways, such as in cigarettes. Chewing tobacco is also a popular alternative to regular cigarettes for those people who are trying to give up smoking altogether. For those going a step further and giving up tobacco, then there is such a thing as tobacco free dip. Click here to purchase some of that from the Black Buffalo website.

Drug tests
Providing that the CBD product that you use does not include any THC, then any drug test that you may have at work or anywhere else will always come back negative. However, if you are an athlete this may not necessarily be the case as the drug tests used within the world of athletics are much more sensitive than most other kits.

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