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Can CBD Oil Help in Fight against CoVid 19?

Throughout history, humanity has been facing many challenges. In the last year, another great challenge seems to be facing the human race. The enemy, though invisible to the naked eye, is quite strong and dangerous. A disease called COVID 19 has become a daily topic in all parts of the world.

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Since the first cases of this infection, scientists have been working to find a cure. They are looking for a medication that will put the disease under control and bring it to the level of seasonal flu. It seems like they’re on a good path, but this virus won’t surrender that easily.

Research about CBD and Coronavirus

Medical experts know it was only a matter of days before research into CBD’s effects on the causes of this disease began. The findings are promising, as this substance has many positive features. Still, it should be claimed that CBD is not a cure for the coronavirus.

The effectiveness of this hemp derivative has been known for a long time. Its anti-inflammatory properties have been tested on microorganisms that cause COVID infection. Besides, CBD has many other positive effects on human health. It can be safely used to treat some side effects and conditions that are not directly caused by COVID 19 but are related to it.

Reducing Lung Damage

To avoid any confusion that CBD oil is a miracle cure, it’s necessary to know that this is just a supplement, not an officially confirmed medicine. Its effectiveness is undeniable, but until scientists make it official, CBD products should only be used as an adjunct to conventional therapies or a nutritional supplement. That goes both for treating COVID 19 infection and any other disease.

Unlike many traditional drugs, CBD oil is safe to use because no contraindications to the medicines used in the treatment of coronavirus have been proven. You can check out this website to see which forms of this product are available.

On the other hand, there are positive reports of the effectiveness of CBD in reducing inflammation and physical damage to the lungs. This substance raises the level of oxygen, which improves the blood supply to these organs. It also enhances the body’s immune response to COVID-like symptoms.

Blood Thinner

In recent months, scientists have found how coronavirus affects the human body. One of the most significant discoveries is that this disease affects the activity of platelets in the blood. These cells are responsible for blood clotting. Inflammation caused by COVID 19 will boost this activity, leading to damage and rupture of blood vessels. Weakened lungs have less chance of coping with the disease.

The role of CBD in preventing these situations can be significant. This matter is known to be a vasorelaxant, i.e., to affect the relaxation of blood vessels. Less tension means less platelet activity. Also, CBD affects blood thinning, preventing the formation of clots that can potentially lead to stroke, heart attack, and pulmonary embolism.

Ally against Anxiety

There’s almost no person who doesn’t struggle with anxiety, fear and worry at these challenging times. People develop these unpleasant feelings for many reasons. Considering the current global situation, it’s clear why they’re afraid for themselves and their loved ones. Maybe fear and worry are unnecessary, but these are inevitable when the whole world trembles against the invisible enemy.

Anxieties affect their quality of life as well as their ability to get through difficult times. For some, unpleasant feelings are manageable. But for others, they lead to an inability to function correctly. That can lead to ruining their overall mental and physical health.

CBD oil proves to be an excellent remedy for anxiety. Numerous studies have shown that this cannabinoid provides relief from panic attacks, OCD, depression, social anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia, pain, irritable bowel syndrome, mood disorders, and many other symptoms. These are all things you can feel when you’re afraid of becoming infected.

In the fight against an enemy like coronavirus, humanity needs all means. Besides pharmacological substances, the influence of natural remedies such as CBD should be further investigated. Until then, products based on this substance can boost immunity and ease negative feelings related to the global situation caused by COVID 19.

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