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Purchase the best caviar in the world from Caspian Monarque online store

Caviar is the fish egg of endangered species of the Caspian sea. Since they are not available in other countries and have high nutritional value or a rich protein source. Many online seller stores are there that sell a wide variety of caviar at affordable fixed rates. Caspian sea has freshwater and has many minerals salts which make the water salty. Fishes found in the Caspian Sea are of endangered species and are in great demand these days. There are a wide variety of fishes that are available like Salmon, white fish trout, and Beluga. Due to its salty taste and high nutritional value, they are used in a variety of dishes. Many chefs and cook use caviar for decorating their special dishes and making it mouth-watering. In case you are searching for the best caviar in the world, then your one-stop destination is Caspian Monarque online store. Here you can find a wide variety of Caspian Sea fish eggs at a low cost. Let us know about the most common caviar exported with the highest quality standard for other countries.

  • Beluga Caviar: The native habitat of Beluga caviar is the Caspian sea. They belong to the Huso Huso species of fish. They are stored and preserved in tinned cans with the highest quality standards. Beluga caviar is exported to other countries and is primarily used for garnishing purposes. They are often used for stuffing pancakes to increase the nutritional value of regular pancakes.
  • Osetra Caviar:-This is the most widely used caviar in the food industry. Belonging to the species Acipenser gueldenstaedti, they are mostly found in the Caspian sea. This caviar is used for decorating delicious cakes and balancing their sweetness. Caviars are salty, and that is why they can effectively control the sweetness of cakes.
  • Sevruga caviar: – It is a special type of caviar that belongs to the Acipenser stellatus species. They are also found in abundance in the Caspian Sea. They are preserved in tightly sealed cans, which help them to stay delicate. They are used as cacklers in servings of hot soups in cold countries.
  • Persian Osetra:- This type of caviar is also found in the Caspian sea. However, they differ from Osetra due to different species. Persian Osetra belongs to the Acipenser persicus species, which is again an endangered species. They are in great demand and used in the food industry for a variety of purposes.

Caviars are rich sources of protein, carbohydrates, and minerals. They help us to fight against diseases and increases our stamina as well as immunity power. Everyone likes the toppings of caviar on Iranian Pizzas. These people also love the salty taste of caviar on special occasion dishes prepared on the eve of Christmas or Halloween. If you want to purchase this highly nutritive caviar online, you must order it from a genuine and trusted site. Caspian Monarque is the best seller of caviar worldwide and has been ranked no.1 for providing high-quality caviar to customers at an affordable and cheap rate for many years.

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