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Judge Blocks Republican’s Attempt To Change Ballot Signature Verification In Nevada

A Nevada judge denied a state Republican Party’s request to amend the signature verification procedure on ballots Friday, as the battleground state has yet to release their full voting totals.

District Court Judge Andrew Gordon denied the motion set forth by two GOP candidates in the state and said the change in the process would disrupt “the counting of the ballots,” according to Fox News.

“I don’t find plaintiffs have demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits of the plaintiffs’ claims,” Gordon said, according to Fox. “The public interest is not in disrupting the counting of the ballots.”

Nevada Republicans sought a recount of only mail-in ballots, but Democratic lawmakers insisted the move would cause “chaos and confusion,” Fox reported.

“The whole country is looking at Nevada and Clark County for election results,” a Democratic lawyer said, according to Fox.

President Donald Trump’s administration filed a separate lawsuit in the battleground state to stop the counting of “illegal votes,” Fox reported. Trump alleged that a number of voters in the state were either deceased or non-residents, according to the outlet.

“We are confident that when all legal votes are tallied — and only legal votes are tallied — President Trump will win the state of Nevada,” a Trump administration official who announced the lawsuit told Fox.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who has been declared the winner of the election, leads Trump 49.9% to 47.9% in Nevada with 94% of the total votes in play, according to the New York Times election map at the time of publishing.

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  1. These rotten judges that block a recount should be ousted. They are all a lot of Commie, American scum.

  2. Well the country needs to not look to Nevada for a decision about the presidency. Nevada leaders are as corrupt as they come. Joe Gloria, Barbara Cegavske, Steve Sisolak all part of the game. Half the judges backing them up. Spineless legislature. Nevada is involved in some of the worst voter fraud. The votes that count in this state 1. Dead people (mysteriously always vote Dem) 2. People who have moved away or don’t reside here 3. People paid to vote multiple times 4. Illegal aliens (allowed to get dl’s here and auto registered by the DMV to vote). The votes that don’t count 1. Legitimate republican 2. military republican

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