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Why Is Art So Important to People?

Art is the result of human creativity, it is an area of our society where no matter how technologically advanced our world becomes there will still be artists creating amazing art that will continuously challenge current ideas and make the world think and discuss the difficult subjects. We will be discussing this and other related topics in our art so important to people’s.

     A Way to Learn About Our History.

 Literally, all that we know about humankind before writing systems were invented by Ancient Mesopotamian civilization in what is today Iraq we have to rely on the art left by humans. This art is mostly in the form of cave paintings that have managed to last the test of time since they are protected from the elements and are rarely visited by humans and animals.

 Additionally, in the form of sculptures, and also jewelry that has been made from metals or ivory that have been buried deep underground which has again protected them from being found by humans or animals that would have likely destroyed them and also slowed down any degrading processes as rusting and biodegradation.

Furthermore, we can learn about the politics and views of people from different periods of history by the art that has been left by them. For example, if a civilization has a lot of paintings with sea waves, historians can interpret from this that the sea was a major part of those people’s lives in terms of culture and commerce.

     Pointing Out the Issues in Society.

 Art is also very important to people as it is a very effective way for problems in society to be pointed out, as art can be very eye-catching and can deliver a clear message. A modern example of this is a British graffiti artist called Banksy who travels around the world graffiting political street art.

 The beauty of art is that it can get people talking, everyone can have an opinion about something, but when those opinions are presented in the arts they can stir interest and discussion. Furthermore, it is much harder to suppress art without looking like the bad guy as art is such an innocent thing. It is very common to see this concept in modern propaganda which is almost always presented in the form of posters, songs, and videography.

     A Source of National Pride.

 Every nation has a form of art that they identify with and are proud of. For example in the United Kingdom, you have artists such as Banksy and also Damien Hirst who are well known for their unique and iconic forms of art that are recognized all over the world. Another famous example is Leonardo da Vinci who is an Italian painter that created the Mona Lisa among multiple other world-famous paintings.

 Often children will learn in schools about their most famous poets, singers, and artists that hail from their country. This can in turn inspire those children to become artists themselves or at least take part in art as a hobby which will further enrich the cultures of their countries of origin and any other countries that may live in other periods of their lives.

     Form of Entertainment.

 Another answer to the question of why is art so important to people is that it is a form of entertainment and everyone likes to enjoy themselves. Art can be a form of entertainment in two ways, one is that the individual enjoys being an artist either full-time or as a hobby, but the most common way that art is a form of entertainment is as a consumer product. For example movies, music, fiction books, comics, and art exhibitions among many other forms of art is a consumer product that people pay for in order to experience and enjoy. You can learn more about other genres of art on the art portal.

 Art is a great way to tell stories as well as appeal to our key senses such as hearing and sight and help us to forget about our troubles and instead get involved in a fictional world that may be entirely made up more or be based on a real historical setting or time in history.

     Monetary Gain.

 A further obvious reason is that it is a great way to make a living. It is the dreams of tens of millions of children around the world to become actors and artists for example. This may be because they love acting or singing while it can also be because they want to be famous and rich like the top 0.1% of artists in their respective fields are.

 Furthermore, the arts industries are a major employer around the world, according to a major American music industry advocacy organization called the RIAA, there are 1.9 million jobs in the United States alone that are dependent on the music industry in one way or another. This may include that they are directly employed in music industry jobs such as being a concert organizer or indirect – owning a bar or restaurant close by to a popular concert venue.


 Moreover, a reason why art is important is that it acts as a universal language that helps to bring people together from all over the world regardless of what their ethnicity, religion, and native language seems to be. A good example is an oil painting by Johannes Vermeer called the Girl with a Pearl Earring that is well-loved worldwide for its simplicity and the way that it captures the beauty and emotion of the painting’s subject at the time.

 Art will also bring out the same basic emotions from us such as amazement and confusion which are both emotions often associated with the art of Salvador Dali. Moreover, there are many topics of art that everyone can relate to such as wealth, sadness, beauty, animals, and the beauty of the natural environment.

     Centering Our Imagination.

 So why is art so important to people? One important reason for the importance of arts is that it is the perfect way for a person to channel all of their imagination and hard work into something tangible, into something that actually exists in the real world not just in the form of imagination in their mind.  It is a way for people to leave a mark on the world because you never know you could become a famous artist. That may not happen in your lifetime however with a lot of famous artists becoming famous decades or centuries after their deaths.

 Ultimately your sole aim shouldn’t be too simply become rich or famous, but it should be to do something that you are passionate about, that you enjoy doing, and to create something that the future generations can enjoy.

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