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Reasons To Use CBD Oil For Horses

Various alternatives exist for administering CBD hemp oil for horses based around the condition that you’re attempting to help with symptoms. Using an oral plastic syringe is a safe technique for placing it directly on the animal’s tongue, also considered the most effective. For more information about CBD for animals, visit petdogplanet.

You want to avoid glass droppers. These can prove a choking hazard for ponies with the potential for them to bite down breaking the glass and swallowing shards. Edibles, like those found at Innovet Pet, infused with the compound are another popular option as is incorporating the substance into the animal’s feed. 

For muscle soreness or skin issues, topicals are applied directly to the affected areas in an effort to alleviate the discomfort and reduce inflammation. CBD oil also has the capacity to help with horses who suffer with mood concerns like anxiety.

Cannabidiol products can differentiate depending on the extraction process. If heat is used, there is the potential for deficiency in therapeutic properties that come in full spectrum substances noted to offer terpenes and flavonoids to synergistically combine with the compound for enhanced healing. When doing research online with sites like , most will advise as to the extraction process used. Quality sites like these are transparent with their product information.

CBD Oil and Horse Health

Cannabidiol still has a stigma surrounding the use whether it derives from hemp or marijuana. This is mostly due to lack of information or details that can prove to be contradictory, particularly where animals are concerned. This can be due to the fact that studies are so few for the various species, especially horses. 

The compound notes to have properties powerful for reducing the inflammatory response, and acting as an anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antiemetic, and an antipsychotic agent, for all mammals due to the interaction with the endocannabinoid systems which are similar. These therapeutic effects boast as being helpful in keeping horses healthy.

Horses suffer from different maladies from those of domestic pets like cats and dogs requiring different care, and still cannabidiol appears to be as effective with these ailments in improving symptoms.

  • Pain Response : Horses are especially susceptible to injury with their activity level in performing in competition or merely running through the fields. These can include fracture, sprains, or wounds to their hooves. With their extraordinary weight plus the added stress of carrying the rider on a saddle, their legs are prone to physical impairments. 

Inflammation progresses into swelling and redness, but it is not something that is easy to recognize. The only way an equestrian notice these cases is when the animal tenses with muscle movement in the affected area. 

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory with the capacity to block pain signals helping to better manage nerve-related discomfort.

  • Stress / Anxiety : Chronic stress and episodes of injury genuinely affect a horses well-being ultimately leading to their demise. CBD oil is a safe, natural alternative meant to help improve health, enhance quality of life, and ultimately extend the lifespan.

Many horses experience anxiety, particularly those who perform. Those who do so inside enclosed arenas are especially susceptible, and if the equestrian is anxious, a horse will sense that.

A pony is a herd animal, so being placed in a trailer or on stable rest alone is challenging for the animal. Anecdotal reports suggest those using cannabidiol have had success in decreasing equine stress and reducing symptoms associated with mood changes resulting in a more relaxed, friendly, even playful animal, with no adverse reactions.

Cannabidiol has found widespread use as a supplement in the diet of many horses due to the fact it doesn’t produce the type of gases in the stomach as soy and legumes because it doesn’t have the same inhibitors they contain. That’s important for equestrians as digestive issues are a common ailment for equine.

The compound offers a majority of the required amino acids the horse’s body needs along with essential fatty acids including omega -3, 6 and 9 and is a major resource for necessary vitamins from A to C and D, E to K. CBD oil offers gluten-free protein and a rich supply of chlorophyll. Follow to read how CBD is being used for nutritional needs of livestock including horses.

The substance is not harmful to use on a daily basis as its non-psychoactive, all-natural, nontoxic, and offers little to no side effects. The recommendation is to ensure that you consult a vet before initiating the product into your horse’s daily routine.

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