A Senate Judicial Hearing, Trump Rallies and A Pandemic: Part 1

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These are certainly strange and perilous times we are living in these days. The Senate is holding a judicial hearing to seat Judge Amy Barret while President Trump is holding campaign rallies while a pandemic is still spiking all over.  This will be Trump’s first rally since having the Chinese virus with one every day from now until the election. Both will be happening every day now so I will be reporting them both in parts. Today is part 1.

In the morning the senate held the first day of Amy Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Confirmation head Lindsey Graham said he was following CDC guidelines by having social distancing with the senators being separated, masked when possible and reporters all masked and sitting six feet apart from each other. Amy Barrett was masked as were six of her seven children and husband. Their seventh child has Downs syndrome and was home with her parents.

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Seeing Amy sitting there masked at a desk all by herself with a concerned look in her eyes reminded me of these horror movies where they have the criminal sitting gagged at a desk in a court room. Seeing her masked like that with just her eyes showing made it difficult to judge her reactions when the camera was on her while a senator was addressing her. I could only judge by her eyes and she looked annoyed. I’m just not used to seeing that.  I would have thought the senate chambers would be virus free and not need the masks as I would think anyone entering would be checked at the door, Senator Corey Booker made a motion that all members be tested before being on a panel.

Chairman Lindsey Graham said he was tested just last week and it came back negative so he was alright and not masked. He said it was up to the rest of the senate if they wanted to be masked or not. Some senators including Kamala Harris were giving testimony and questions remotely on screens in the senate chambers. The main thrust of today’s hearing was on Obamacare and abortion and whether Amy Barret would vote to overturn the affordable care act from Obama and overturn Roe Vs. Wade with abortions.

“The president has promised to appoint justices who will vote to dismantle that law,” said ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein in her opening remarks. “As a candidate, he criticized the Supreme Court for upholding the law and said, ‘If I win the presidency, my judicial will do the right thing, unlike Bush’s appointee John Roberts on Obamacare.’ And when he appointed Judge Barrett to fill Justice Ginsburg’s seat, the president said that eliminating the Affordable Care Act would be ‘A big win for the USA.’”

Corey Booker was very passionate about not allowing these two acts to be overturned. Booker said Trump has said he would pack the court with people who would overturn Roe Vs. Wade and said he wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.

Hey Corey five million people lost their plan and doctor after they were told they could keep them and premiums were too high for many of them so to them it was the Unaffordable Care Act.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee came equipped with large posters showing photos of Americans who they say would lose their health care if the Supreme Court were to overturn the ACA, also known as Obamacare. Barrett has written she disagrees with Chief Justice John Roberts’ 2012 opinion that upheld the ACA. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last month, was in the majority upholding the ACA in the case eight years ago.

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Members of the media work at a confirmation hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S., October 12, 2020. Erin Schaff/Pool via REUTERS

Republicans in their opening statements highlighted Barrett’s academic qualifications and her prolific career as a law professor and judge, while raising seven children.  Democrats kept their focus on how Barrett’s vote could affect upcoming decisions, especially about health care.

Booker had several large life-size posters of people suffering from different maladies he said were saved by the Affordable Care Act and they would suffer if not for that. I thought that was very intimidating to have life-size pictures staring Amy right in the face making her feel sympathetic which I’m sure he was trying to do. That seemed like something you would have in a courtroom, not at a judicial hearing, but who says Dems play by the rules anyway.

Hey, Cory Trump has said his plan would cover people with pre-existing conditions and would be cheaper and more accessible than Obamacare and that would include people on Obamacare who could switch over. Booker went on to say that they shouldn’t be having a hearing during a presidential campaign and a pandemic. I hate to clue you in Corey but there have been 29 previous presidents who nominated a  judge to the supreme court during a presidential campaign.

In Sanford Fla, where 20 electoral votes are at stake President Trump held his first campaign rally since being diagnosed and then cured with the Chinese virus. Speaking before a record crowd of 32,000 people packed in like sardines and cheering Trump looking and sounding rested and exuberant Trump opened his remarks by saying, “Sleepy Joe had a bad day today. He couldn’t remember Mitt Romney’s name and called him “that Mormon”, and didn’t know what state he was in and said he was running for the United States senate. This was the second time he said that. Joe is not 100%.” Trump said, “He’s not even 60%”

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After listing through his many accomplishments like restoring our military getting the economy back on track and another record day at the stock market for 401k’s in spite of a pandemic going on Trump said he’s, “done more in 45 months than Sleepy Joe has done in 45 years.”

Trump said he plans to have the medication he was on distributed to hospitals across the country by the U.S. Army and they will have over a million doses of the vaccine by the end of the year.

Trump warned that if you let Biden and the radical left in this country will be gone forever with open borders, they will confiscate all your guns, raise your taxes, do away with oil and gas, pack the supreme court and unemployment will go way up and crime will rise to unforeseen proportions.Trump also warned that Biden will shut down the economy once again.

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Trump said our country would be a ninth world country with the Dems plan and their green new deal that would cost 100 trillion dollars.

Trump plans to be in Penn. On Tuesday, Iowa on Wednesday, North Carolina on Thurs and numerous other rallies from now until election day.

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