A Judicial Hearing And Trump Rally Amidst A Pandemic Part 3!!!

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On Day 3 of Amy Barrett’s Supreme Court hearing, Ted Cruz made an interesting observation. He noted that only two democrat senators were present which told him Amy Barrett will be confirmed since they don’t have any more questions for her. Senator Dick Durbin interrupted Cruz and said that because of the coronavirus many were staying in their office. Cruz didn’t buy that answer saying “Well they were here yesterday.”

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Cruz said that they had so many questions on Obamacare yesterday he thought he was on a healthcare hearing, not a judiciary hearing. Cruz criticized the senators that said people will die without Obamacare or have no healthcare and nothing to care for people with pre-existing conditions. He said that was not rooted in reality and noted that under Obamacare profits in the healthcare industry have doubled and have been a great source of corporate welfare for the insurance industry and that premiums have risen to $7000 a year for most people and most people can’t afford that. Cruz also noted that this has no bearing on Judge Barrett’s decision.

Cruz went on to refer to an article Barrett wrote saying that felons should not vote. He said his dem counterparts are in favor of rapists, murderers and domestic abusers all should have the right to vote. Cruz, a constitutional lawyer himself, pointed out where it says in the constitution that people committing a crime have to forfeit their right to vote. Cruz said Judge Barrett would be amiss of her duties if she published an article like that and didn’t read the constitution.

Cruz ended his comments with Judge Barrett by pointing out that Biden has refused to say whether he’d pack the court. Cruz said the Democrats have accused the republicans of doing that for the last three years. He said that is totally ridiculous because replacing court vacancies is not the same as packing the court.

Following Ted Cruz, Senator Amy Klobuchar had her chance to take a shot at Barrett like the day before.  Klobuchar reiterated what she said the day before in that the goal of the Trump administration is to get rid of the ACA and rush it through by having this sham hearing as she calls it. She asked Barrett what she thought of voting by mail during a pandemic and Barrett replied that it was a matter of policy.

Well, that didn’t sit well with Klobuchar who said with chagrin and smirking and waving her hand in the air, “That is part of our democracy.”  Hey Amy Klobuchar, displaying that kind of body language at a hearing before someone as respectful as Judge Barrett is very rude, crude, and disrespectful. That is no place for that kind of arrogant response.

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Judge Barrett is holding up well at this hearing and commission head  Lindsey Graham said he was very impressed with her and will see to it that she has a “seat at the table” meaning she will sit on the court.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to act like petulant children over the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, only now they are not even trying to hide their childish tactics.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) admitted Sunday that he would not “supply quorum” as a way to block Barrett’s nomination, The Daily Caller reported. “We will talk about when the actual vote occurs in committee and on the floor. Democrats will not supply the quorum,” Schumer said during a press conference. “Period.”

Per Senate rules, a minimum number of senators must be present to vote on the confirmation, so denying quorum is a simple but effective way to prolong the confirmation process.

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Judge Barrett has two major anchors in her life: her faith and family. She’s the mother of seven children, five she gave birth to, and two adopted from Haiti, and one might think the Left would applaud her for her compassion. However, some Liberals are calling her a “white colonizer” for adopting two black children.

Barrett is being hounded on how she’d rule on cases centered around Liberal issues like Obamacare and abortion.They accusing her of wanting to rip healthcare away from Americans. The judge has politely rebuffed all of them, even reminding them that Joe Biden’s “Ginsberg rule” and the canon of ethics prohibit that line of questioning.

Earlier Tuesday, Barrett revealed that she expected a high level of scrutiny once her nomination to the Supreme Court was made official.

“I don’t think it’s any secret to any of you or to the American people that this is a really difficult, some might say excruciating, process,” Barrett said in a morning interaction with Republican Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham. “And Jesse and I had a very brief amount of time to make a decision with momentous consequences for our family. We knew that our lives would be combed over for any negative detail, we knew that our face would be a caricature and we knew our family would be attacked.”

As Laura Ingraham  tweeted  recently:

“In both intelligence and professional experience Judge Amy Coney Barrett is so far beyond every Democrat senator who is desperately trying and failing to trip her up.”

In the evening President Trump headed out to Des Moine, Iowa for a Trump rally there. Arriving at a massive crowd of thousands from left to right  Trump stepped off Air Force One and addressed the crowd starting out with the corruption of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, getting $183,000 a month from a Ukraine energy company with no experience and millions from China and three million from the wife of a Russian mayor all for access to his father. Emails show that Biden knew everything about his son’s corrupt dealings. No administration has been more corrupt than the Obama Biden administration,” Trump told the crowd, “Biden is so corrupt he shouldn’t be allowed to run for president, but the media is protecting him.

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Trump went on to say that Biden gave everything away to China: jobs, wealth. etc. “The Bidens got rich while Americans got robbed,” Trump said. “If Biden wins China will own us,”

Trump warned the cheering crowd that Biden wants to increase your taxes to pay for their Green New Deal, take away your guns and open our borders. The radical left will run the country. They are addicted to power, “Biden also wants to cut Medicare and your social security and give it to illegals along with free healthcare and free education. The Trump recovery will become the Biden depression,” Trump said.

Trump went on to explain his successes such as killing the head of ISIS, Al Bagdadi and Salem Solemani who killed, many of our soldiers, ending the endless wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan with all our soldiers being brought home by the end of the year or soon after and having a vaccine by the end of the year.

Trump said how we are now at 7.8% unemployment since the virus first hit and we’ve created 11.4 million new jobs since then. Trump urged the states to open up and send the kids back to school.

Trump intends to have 40 rallies between now and Election Day. On Thursday he will have a rally in Greenville, North Carolina at 1 pm then a town hall meeting at 8 pm. On Friday he has two rallies in Macon, Ga. and Ocala, Fla, followed by two rallies on Saturday in Michigan and Wisconsin.

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