Trump’s Peaceful Protest in North Carolina

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Speaking for close to two hours before a crowd of 40,000 adoring, cheering fans, with more on the outside and in rare form President Trump held one of his peaceful protests. Trump opened up with remarks about Ruth Ginsburg’s passing and sad she was an amazing woman with a great life. He mentioned there have been 29 times a supreme  court seat has been open in an election year and “we will fill this seat.” The crowd then erupted with “Fill the seat, Fill the seat.” Trump said he will put forth a nominee next week and it will be a woman. Biden said if he wins it will be a woman of color and he has two black women he is considering. Trump took a poll of the audience on whether they want a man or woman and the majority overwhelmingly voted for a woman.

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Trump said his rallies will be known as ”peaceful  protests and a protest against stupidity ” from now on since you can’t go to church and can’t have a gathering of more than 50 people without wearing a mask but you can riot in the streets in the thousands, “Tell your governor to open your state,” Trump told the crowd, “So far we are doing the best we ever did in recovering from the China plague,” and promised a  victory in Nov. like you’ve never seen before.  He mentioned to the assembled masses that 6.6 million people are now out of poverty and we have the greatest economy in the world and will end the China pandemic.

Trump told the crowd he would never shut down the economy again and that Sleepy Joe said he would shut it down again and listen to science. “He probably doesn’t know what science is” Trump said to laughter from the crowd.

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Trump mentioned how they have a vaccine that should be ready very soon and said how the left was always for a vaccine but now that we have it they are against it. He said through testing and new medicines we have reduced the mortality rate down by 85%. “They are trying to give sleepy Joe the credit for a vaccine which is why they are holding off. He probably doesn’t even know what a vaccine is,” Trump said.

Trump used that metaphor to tear into the fake news media. He loves saying how they shut their camera lights off whenever he insults them especially CNN and MSNBC.

“If we had an honest media our country would be so much better,” he said.

Trump mentioned how he was nominated for the Nobel prize twice for bringing Isreal and the Arab countries together, something every one said couldn’t be done and when he went home and told Melania to watch the news they never mentioned it. “If it was the other way around there would be headlines. They gave it to Obama and he doesn’t even know why they gave it to him.” Trump said which is true. Obama has mentioned he never knew why he received it. At the time the Nobel committee said it was for what they expected him to do, but since he didn’t do anything to earn it he should give it back.

If Biden wins North Carolina and us are screwed,” Trump warned the crowd, “He is all for China. He sold us out to China. “If Biden wins China wins. I stood up to China and took 28 billion from the tariffs and gave it to the farmers,” Trump said  to raucous cheers from the crowd, “Biden wants free healthcare for illegals and socialized medicine for everyone which means you will lose your doctor and plans, Biden wants to release rioters from jail including a murderer and rapist of an 8 year old girl, he wants to get rid of oil and gas and religion,” Trump told the crowd to loud boos.

Trump mentioned about the upcoming debates and said “I’m sure they are going to load him up on plenty of vitamins and memory enhancers which is why I want a drug test right before the debate and the results made public.”


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Next week Trump will hold two peaceful protests in OHIO on Monday, Tuesday he will be in Pennsylvania, Thursday in Florida and Friday in Pennsylvania again and Biden like the groundhog will peak his head out  from his basement, make an appearance and  then return to this basement again.

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