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Top Myths About Internet Dating


The Internet is an incredibly convenient space where all the benefits of civilization are available with just one click. Searching for romantic and healthy relationships is no exception. Single men and women are encouraged to make online acquaintances for taking a chance of meeting a soul mate and experiencing love excitement. For most visitors, registering on dating sites is an escape from loneliness and an opportunity to start a family. This is especially relevant to residents of large cities.

Dating sites, apps, and social media are full of adequate and socialized participants. Of course, many introverts and people who have difficulties in real communication can be found among these users. Some particular rules should be observed while using online dating tools. Often, a successful online acquaintance can boost confidence and self-esteem. However, to avoid disappointment, you should realize who you want to find online and why.

Statistics show that a third of couples are formed online. Such dynamics indicate that the percentage of relationships starting thanks to online dating resources will be up to 70% by 2040. If an opportunity of buying a wife online seems unreal to you, you might have succumbed to the reign of some popular myths about online dating. So, let’s try to consider and refute some of them.

Myth 1: Online Dating Resources Are a Refuge for Losers

If you think about what is behind this belief, it turns out that the problem is not at all about the Internet itself. When people register on a dating website and declare the status “In Active Search” in their profiles, they publicly announce their intention to find love and build relationships. For some reason, many people feel ashamed to take off their masks of inaccessibility and admit that they are open to new acquaintances and relationships.

The myth that we can only meet on the Internet losers, perverted people, or girls of easy virtue belongs to the past. Residents of megacities have long acquired the habit of communicating online from morning till night. Online dating platforms allow us to save time. If you are at a party, you cannot set parameters for finding a partner. Using dating sites and apps, you are able to search for an ideal mail order bride at any time of the day, filter out participants by hobbies, location, height, and age.

Myth 2: Online Dating Is Far From Real Life


If you still believe that dating opportunities provided by social networks, dating sites, and mobile apps have nothing to do with relationships in real life, then this is not true . Instead, such stereotypical concepts about online dating are far from current reality. Dating on the Web is no longer an escape from real life. It is a part of our lifestyle and the most common form of communication. Searching for your mail order bride can be as simple as looking for a person in a crowd, but it is much more convenient and faster.

We used to think that love usually happens at first sight, suddenly, or arises based on mutual sympathy after long and live communication. We can consider this situation in a different way, too. People used to occasionally meet at a disco or a party in the 1990s. Deliberately looking for a relationship was perceived as an indecent behavior. Today, two lonely hearts can find each other on the vast expanses of the Internet and manage to build an excellent relationship.

You can be a staunch opponent of modern Internet technologies, but no one can deny their convenience and communication possibilities. Dating sites and apps are gaining more and more popularity, although they still seem not to have much to do with real-life situations. It happens that people live close to each other and can see each other only from time to time. With the help of dating sites and messengers, everything becomes easier.

Myth 3: Only Liars, Maniacs, and Criminals Use Dating Sites

You can meet different people online. But you can also meet maniacs and imposters in night clubs and cafes. In fact, online dating can be much safer than live acquaintances, provided that you follow safety rules. Of course, when communicating online, you do not always see and hear the interlocutor. According to the recommendations, you can use this circumstance to your advantage..

First, you should not provide any information, such as your address, phone number, and so on, in your profile. Then, try to build a detailed portrait of a potential partner. It is especially relevant to social networks. According to the principle of six handshakes, you can find mutual acquaintances in this way. Take your time to get to know a new friend. Before you decide to meet, learn about this person’s occupation, interests, and hobbies.

Secondly, do not be afraid to exercise discretion. Regular viewing of a user’s activities with likes and reposts can tell you a lot. In particular cases, a cautious mail order bride can even ask to provide a passport scan before the first date in person. It allows to ensure whether the man is sincere and has good intentions. Surprisingly enough, such a request does not alienate men, but, on the contrary, arouses additional interest.

Myth 4: Online Dating Does Not Lead to Serious Relationships

It is common to think that online dating is frivolous, temporary, and not resulting in a long relationship or marriage. However, hundreds of thousands of people communicate using dating resources. So, you would need to do considerable work, look through many profiles, and go on dates regularly to find the right person. Of course, some users of dating sites do not seek serious relationships, but their number is about the same as in real life.

Contemporary dating sites and apps offer not only options for non-binding meetings but also opportunities to find life partners. The main point here is to carefully assess the focus of the dating resource you are using and relate it to your goals. Some dating apps offer to make an appointment after detecting a coincidence of interests. Sometimes the strongest relationships begin after a friendly visit to the cinema.


Dating sites are a convenient tool for expanding the circle of communication and finding a partner for different purposes. However, this is only an opportunity. Only you can make an informed and final decision. Plus, reasonable precautions have not hurt anyone yet. In this way, lots of dating sites, including YourMailOrderBrides, pay particular attention to the security measures and the best experience while dating any mail order bride from a different country.

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