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How Can You Motivate Your Children to Get Active?

Childhood is an age where physical activity is a must to build strength and coordination, and instill confidence besides laying the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, an active child has more rapid growth than an inactive child. Daily physical activity for around an hour helps children and adolescents grow strong bones and muscles, build endurance, and maintain a healthy weight. In addition to physical benefits, physical activities help boost children’s critical thinking skills, improve memory, grade point averages, and standardized test scores. You can get them going in healthy activities by praising and giving rewards for what they are doing. Unfortunately, the majority of parents let their children get busy with technology and live a sedentary lifestyle which is devastating for their health and growth. This is why only 1 in every 3 children are physically active every day. If your child is not willing to do physical activities like running or jumping, you can find a wide variety of games for his age just to keep him active. This article is a blend of some great tips for the motivation of your children about living an active lifestyle.

Physical Education:

For children to bring them to an active lifestyle, they should be instructed why physical activity is important for them and how they can do a particular sport. Many schools also offer this facility. One thing you should keep in mind, the physical activity you ask them to opt must be age-appropriate and enjoyable.

Limit screen time:

A research study found out that children and teens on average spend around 8 hours per day before TVs, computers, phones, and other electronic devices for entertainment. But The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children shouldn’t have one to two hours of screen time a day. Encourage your children to spend time in joyful activities like shooting hoops at the local playground, walking the dog, or a game of tag. Moreover, if going to play outside isn’t an option, ask them to play interactive video games that require physical activity such as tennis, bowling, or baseball.

Get help with household chores:

Studies reveal that 1 in every 3 children is either overweight or obese in the United States which is alarming. So, to keep them active, you can encourage your children to participate in some household chores like cleaning your cupboard, grazing grass from the lawn, pulling weeds, watering plants, and cooking food. Play some energetic and loud music, that will help them in doing these tasks.

Join in the game:

Kids enjoy the sport if their parents are also playing with them. They try to imitate their parents in everything and physical activities are no different. So, it is advisable to do some family activities, in your workout clothes, like a family hike, a game of catch, biking, and football.

Do not overdo it:

When doing some physical activity with your child, don’t make them continue even when their body is hurting. To keep their interest alive in the game, tell your children to listen to their bodies, and don’t push yourself when your body is not willing. The exercise must be suitable for his health and age and not drops their weight below an average, acceptable level.

Be an Active Role Model:

A study shows that there is a 70% chance that overweight teens will become obese adults. To save your child from this epidemic, present yourself as an active person who doesn’t miss his regular workout and takes care of his body and health. Because the children who regularly see their parents enjoying sports and physical activities are more likely to model their behavior.

Watch Sports with Them:

Kids enjoy spending time with their parents and they find only those things interesting which their parents like doing. To make them active in sports take them to grounds and sports competitions and sit them with you to watch the match. Additionally, give them information about the sport you are watching to build their interest in that game.

Follow the aforementioned tips to make your children active and smart. Because a healthy weight and active lifestyle will help them physically and mentally in this part of age and in later part too.

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