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Head of Russia’s Indigenous Peoples warned Elon Musk about disinformation

“Let’s go to the Tundra! Come to Russia! Let’s work together!”

The head of the indigenous peoples association Grigory Ledkov, when asked about the alleged plea from an Aboriginal Forum to Elon Musk not to buy Nornickel’s metals, said on Friday: “We all live in Russia and we know the whole situation. The authors of the letter to Elon Musk do not live in Russia. However, we are a large all-Russian association of the indigenous peoples of the North, which operates in all regions of Russia. Therefore, we act and work today, show how to develop the territory, how to preserve nature and, most importantly, the traditional way that exists today.”

Ledkov noted that the initiators of the campaign against Norilsk Nickel have no information.

“This is not correct information. All possible statements like these are, well, first of all, they are not useful and this is not a correct expert assessment. I understand that there is a market and geopolitics and there are public organizations in the world. But these statements will not be useful,” said Ledkov.

The head of a Russian indigenous organization invited the authors of the letter to Elon Musk to Russia.

“Let’s go to the Tundra! Come to Russia! Let’s work together!” he added.

He noted that such empty statements are often perceived in the world as the only correct point of view. Although the people from whom it comes often are not even familiar with the real state of affairs not only in the North but in general in Russia as a whole.

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