A Wild And Contentious Hot Air Debate

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The first presidential debate was certainly one for the ages. Joe Biden came across as being more composed and in control even though everything he said was wrong and Trump came across as too angry even though everything he said was right and at times Chris Wallace seemed not to be able to keep control as everyone was shouting over the other.

Trump is a warrior and fights for everything he’s done. The left had it in for him from day one. They tried spying on his campaign, a coup to overthrow him and an impeachment that cost the taxpayers 30 million dollars none of which worked. At Tuesday’s debate, Trump seemed more angry and domineering while Biden seemed timid and weak. The definitive line for the night was when Trump said he “has done more in 47 months than Biden has done  47 years.”

Biden kept accusing Trump of causing 200,000 deaths from the COVID virus which was totally moronic because when he put the travel ban on China he shut down the epicenter of the virus. Trump was the only one who has done anything to fight this virus from China who could have been stopped there but they didn’t. Trump put a ban on China ten days after the first death and then again on Europe after it spread there which saved thousands of lives while the left including Biden called him racist and xenophobic. Trump saw that everyone got ventilators that needed them, turned the Javits center into a 3000-bed hospital for COVID patients, had CEO’s from various medical supply companies at the white house to discuss needs and distribution, and saw that a vaccine was being produced at record speed. Trump said it was time to open up the states again using caution while Biden said he would shut down the country again which would be disastrous.

Biden gave a half-hearted wimpy speech about everyone getting along and said he was for more funding for the police and against the Green New Deal which were total lies since Biden has always been for defunding the police and supported the Green New Deal which are the goals of his base. Biden lost everything with is base after Tuesday’s debate and the enthusiasm of his base dropped to zero after Tuesdays debate.

I thought Trump really started to shine towards the end and seemed to calm down a bit when talking how he did more for the black community than Biden ever did under Obama with having the lowest black unemployment, giving them opportunity zones, criminal justice reform, increased funding for black universities and more recently a half a billion for black entrepreneurs.

Trump accused Biden of having riots in Ferguson and Baltimore under him and Obama.

When Wallace brought up the topic of climate change and the fires out West Trump brought up the need for Forest management that isn’t going on, “You have to clear out the old timber and rake the leaves that are like a tinder box in there.” Trump said.

Trump really seemed to hit a sore spot with Biden when he brought up all the millions of dollars his son Hunter was receiving from countries like China, Russia and Ukraine for doing nothing and how the wife of a Russian mayor gave him three million dollars. Biden was visibly angry saying none of that is true.

When Trump brought up Antifa as an organization that was destroying cities, Biden claimed Antifa was just an idea and not an organization.  Biden memorized a lot of the lies the media says about Trump. It’s not going to work.

Although I think Trump clearly won this debate both sides should be less caustic and more controlled and stop interrupting over each other in the next debate.

After the debate on Sean Hannity’s show Tammy Bruce noticed that Biden was looking down when Trump talking as if he was listening, to whatever was being said in his ear. There was also lot of Talk before the debate about Biden being loaded up on vitamins and performance-enhancing drugs which is why Trump wanted a drug test.

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