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A Guideline About What to Pack and How to Pack for a Motorcycle Trip

Road tripping on a two-wheeler is not only a thrilling experience but it has become a fashion in the U.S.A. and the rest of the world. Hundreds of motorcycles hit the road every summer to explore some beautiful sceneries, meet some fascinating people, and eat some scrumptious local foods. Although there are many other ways of exploring the world like traveling by air or a car, these two means of touring the world are not as captivating as motorcycling is. Motorcycling has many advantages over other ways of traveling like while riding a bike you become a part of the landscape you are traversing through, you become more social, you can park your bike anywhere and can use off roads, besides saving a substantial amount of money. In addition to all the fun we discussed on road-tripping by a motorcycle, you need some serious planning for a smooth ride, otherwise your trip could turn into a disaster. You should be very clear what you need for your trip and you should pack these items to avoid under packing and overpacking and this article is the best resource to guide you on this confusing issue.

What are the items you must bring on a motorcycle trip?

Clothing and accessories:

For packing your outfits, you must bring at least two tops for each bottom to ensure smart packing. The stuff of your clothes should be very comfortable and under the weather conditions of the destination, you are going to visit. Take underwear and socks every day because these items must be changed every day. Bring snickers that can be used for jogging or doing a yoga session. It is better to pack all liquids and toiletries in a separate bag so they may not accidentally spill over everything into your bags. Never forget to bring sunscreen if you want to save your skin from sunburn and other allergies. Bring some winter clothes, gloves and jackets too.

Safety medical kit:

You must bring a safety aid kit because you never know when you are going to need this stuff. There is quite a chance that you crash in an area where you couldn’t find a doctor or a hospital nearby and the availability of a medical kit is the only rescue option you got. Stuff some bandages and antibiotics along with some medicines for fever, headache, body pain, disturbed stomach, flu, and cough in your kit. Also, it is a good idea to have an emergency contact number in your luggage.

Riding gears and motorcycle spares:

Wear all the safety gears like motorcycle gloves, helmet, motorcycle jacket, pants, and motorcycle boots to save yourself in the event of an accident. In addition to these gears, you should bring a GPS device, a mobile phone containing all the apps that could help in traveling, and some motorcycle spares like extra race cable, brake lever, engine oil, spark plug, and other stuff like that. Additionally, you should also have a toolkit for changing these items because you never know when and where your bike is going to break off.


The documents that you must bring with you on a trip include your passport and visa if traveling on a cross country tour, your driving license, your motorcycle’s registration card, insurance card of your ride, your credit cards, and a good quality world map.

How to pack your stuff nattily?

Rolling is better than folding:

You must roll your clothes because rolling takes less storage space and will save your outfits from deep wrinkles that folding can give them. Place paper towels or a fragrance sheet between the layers of clothes so that clothes don’t become smelly. Wash your clothes whenever you find time to save yourself from the trouble of carrying dirty clothes separately.

Place heavy stuff at the bottom:

Place heavy stuff like shoes, motorcycle spares, toolkit, and other such items at the bottom of your motorcycle saddlebags. This practice will save your soft items from getting smushed by the heavy items.

Use every inch of your space:

For an ideal packing, you should never leave any space empty. Place socks and underwear in shoes to save some space.

Pack a reusable water bottle:

Many of us consider taking a stop for water an unnecessary and time-consuming which can make us dehydrated and fatigued on the way. To avoid such conditionings, bring a water bottle with you so that you can drink water without taking a break.

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