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Why you should buy your cat chew toys

Our pets love to chew – and that includes cats. Whether it’s our shoes, our furniture, our clothes and even our fingers, our cats will love to munch on just about anything they can reach with their furry little paws.

However, when it gets destructive chewing can become among the top pet peeves we pet parents face. So providing our cats with the best pet chew toys has many benefits. Among these are that they foster safe, healthy chewing habits. To find the best toys for your cat click here.

These are some of the most important reasons chew toys are good to give our cats.

1. They Fight Boredom

Just like us humans, our pets can easily get bored. But unlike us, they are unable to pass the time with a good book, cooing over the latest YouTube videos, or watching Netflix. They don’t know how to use a smartphone.

Finding yourself stuck indoors is no fun for anybody — it is no different for our pets.  Without any external stimuli, our cats can find themselves getting into all manner of trouble. They can tear into the trash, knock over plants, make “friends” with our goldfish, and drive our neighbours up the wall with their constant misbehavior.

What a chew toy can give our lovable furballs is something to occupy its time (and its teeth) when we’re not home. It will make them much less fidgety and relieve their boredom. All in all, it will make our cats easier to handle.

2. They Assist With Oral Hygiene

The very best cat chew toys are not only good for keeping our pets busy, but they can also help to promote healthy teeth and gums. What chewing on a toy does is very similar to how we use a toothbrush. Chew toys can scrape away all that harmful plaque that builds up and leads to gum disease. Another significant benefit of cats as they grind away on their chew toys is they get a much fresher breath—it is a gift that is bound to bring a smile to our faces.

3. They Relieve Teething Pains

Nothing is more painful and uncomfortable for our kitties than when they suffer teething pains. New teeth developing can lead to a lot of irritating and worrisome whining, whimpering, and even crying. It will not only keep them but also us up all night. When our cats chew on a good pet toy, it helps provide them with some much-needed pain relief when your cat’s gums ache.

4. They Can Save Your Household Items

If you have ever come home to find your beloved kitty sprawled across something that once resembled an antique rug you will know why chew toys are so important.

Without chew toys to keep our cats’ teeth and claws busy, it is not going to be long before our pets have made abstract art from the material that makes up our sofa, chairs, cushions. If you want to keep any handmade quilt that’s been in the family for generations, then buy a chew toy.

5. They Deliver Constant Entertainment

The most effective cat chew toys are those that are made so that they last. There are many indestructible cat toys available. They are usually the ones made out of tough material. They are capable of keeping our cats happily noshing until their hearts are content.

It’s important to select safe non-toxic toys. The last thing any of us pet owners want is to find we have made our best friends sick!

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