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Top 5 Used Auto Parts Suppliers in Australia

Some folks always try to keep their cars looking new within their budget constraints. However, at some point in life, you’ll need to fix some of your car’s parts. We all know the struggle of a man trying to fix issues of his car ranging from wiper blades, engine parts, steering, etc.

In this case, your monthly budget might face a big hit when you go through the prices of the newly replaced auto parts in the market. Therefore, the used car part can save your budget and solve your problem with much more efficiency than you expect.

The process of finding the right used auto parts dealer can be overwhelming. Most of the auto part dealers charge the customer more if they lack confidence and information regarding auto parts. Below is the list of top 5 suppliers of the used auto parts who are authentic and will provide you with the best replacement at the most feasible prices

Parts Plus

Looking for the best-used auto parts supplier? Parts Plus will solve all issues related to your car’s auto part replacement needs. It is the best quality auto parts and recycling group based in Australia. This group has stepped into the market of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

You do not need to go down the store to find out the availability of the desired auto parts. They have designed an online platform for the feasibility of their customers to find out the availability of the parts. They have a variety of collections available including the used auto parts for cars like Ford, Toyota, Subaru, and several other cars available in the region of Australia.

QLD Wreckers

QLD Wreckers can be at your second top priority while searching for the used auto parts. This store is located in Brisbane. This supplier buys the junk cars available in the market. They use the parts for junk cars, dismantle the cars and recycle them. They have been operating in Australia for over 2 decades.

If you are looking for used auto parts for cars like Toyota, Nissan, Range Rover, and others, then you are making the right decision by choosing this supplier. They also provide feasibility through the online website to search for the desired auto parts that can be ordered from home.

If you are a car enthusiast, buying parts and trying something new with your vehicle is always fun though, but buying a used one can get sometimes tricky. Here is some free advice, if you want to buy a car make sure it has all the legal clearances. You can simply do it online by visiting Car Security record

Dismantle Group PTY LTD

Dismantle is also one of the most reliable groups of wreckers that you can approach for the used auto parts. This supplier is based in Coolaroo but they also have an online platform for their clients to place orders for any available used auto parts that they need.

This group is best known for its availability of the finest auto parts that meet the required budget.  Even if the parts are not available on the online website, the clients can place booking for the parts that they need, and Dismantle Group will make its way to fulfill the need for its valuable clients.

AUS Auto Parts

It is also one of the largest groups of auto parts based in Melbourne, Australia. They are also known for their recycling and reuse of the best auto parts. This group gains a competitive advantage over its competitors in several ways.

You need to purchase your auto parts from this supplier as it is best at responding to your required demand within 24 hours of your order placement. The logistics and supply chain management of its business is highly efficient. The fast delivery of orders is one of the major determinants of this supplier’s success.


This is not a group but rather an independent supplier of used auto parts based in Australia. Although the name resembles Toyota the supplier has no affiliation with that company.

They have a slightly different business model by incorporating vehicles that are commercial and 4×4. This supplier is always dedicated to serving its clients’ needs at a quicker pace which makes it one of the best-used auto parts suppliers.

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