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The Projectionists

The Democrats are very easy to read, if one pays attention to them you find everything they accuse someone of doing is what they themselves are doing.

Now the President is trying to rig the election. Ok, let’s look at that. The Dems are pushing for mail-in voting, sending millions of ballots to everyone on the voter registration lists because of the COVID issue. The Dems have historically opposed all efforts to clean up these lists, Kentucky alone has 200 thousand names on their list who no longer exist, through death or relocation or some other reason they are no longer there and that is only one state. So just where will these ballots end up? The strangest part is we already have mail-in ballots, it’s called Absentee Ballot, a ‘registered voter’ contacts their election official and are sent a ballot, it’s safe, secure and no chance of fraud, everyone is allowed to vote so why the need for this blanket mail-in ballots? We know the reason don’t we – typical Dems.

Once again I find myself sacrificing valuable time in the quest for truth and understanding the opposition, I watch the Dem Convention, I know it’s a brutal sacrifice, but has to be done. I notice not one word about the destruction, murder, and violence going on in America, not a peep about the riots from them or the media. Many Americans are not even aware of what is going on, all we hear is how incompetent the President is. No details on just what they will do for America, no plans, just false and twisted information on how bad the President is, but of course we expect that.

Oh, on a side note regarding the effort to defund the police. They allege they are seeking reform of law enforcement but I always look behind the presentation and consider history, one learns a lot from history because it does repeat itself. So let’s jump back to Germany and see what Hitler did to law enforcement. Quite simply, he reformed it (sound familiar) and placed them under the control of the SS who assured police supported his policies.

Would the Dems create a national law enforcement agency that would control all local police departments to assure socialist policies were enforced? This would, of course, require legislation to do away with firearms and the removal of all police officers who believed in the Constitution and replace them with ones who supported socialism and believed in the total confiscation of firearms. Well if the Dems had control of the Presidency and both houses, just what would prevent it? That would be our worse nightmare because the 2nd Amendment people would take to the streets and America will have entered into her bloodiest history.

I still maintain my belief that the President will have a landslide win regardless of voter fraud. Of course, the Dems will accuse him of that. They have already set the stage for that allegation. What they fail to realize is that there is a vast majority of American Patriots ready to vote in this election, we will not sit back, not take anything for granted. We are fully aware of the importance of this election and what is at stake. We refuse to let America go down in flames, we refuse to live under socialism and forego our God-given rights and freedoms. We will take a stand and send a loud and clear message to the Democrats that we reject their socialist party and that they are nothing but a violent, loud minority in America.

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Frank D. Lovell

A 74-year-old conservative writer from Florida.

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