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What is Web Development?

Today, technology plays a crucial part in our day to day lives. Especially now that apps, computers, and mobile devices have become an intricate part of our daily lives, it would be very difficult to imagine life without them. These days, one of the most lucrative careers is in web development. Although most people have an idea about what web development is, they are often just guessing or confusing it with another related field, such as web design.

The field of web development is quite vast and very intricate. Although it’s a single discipline, there are several types of specializations in the world of web development. Before we get too far, let’s answer a basic yet fundamental question; what is web development, and who is a web developer?

The goals of a web developer

Also known as a programmer, a web developer is responsible for turning a web design provided to them by a client or the design team into a fully-fledged website using an elaborate code. This code can be in a host of languages. It’s up to the developer to then identify the most appropriate one and use it to breathe life into the website.

Web development is not an easy job. It requires mastery of language machines to convert natural language such as English to something the computer can understand and implement. To this end, there are many different types of web developers, all of whom have chosen a specific area of specialization so that they can hone their skills as much as possible.

Types of web developers

Simply asking what a web developer does cannot provide you with the answers you need. To properly understand the nature of web development, you need to understand the classifications of web developers and what makes them unique from each other.

Web developers are classified into there. Understanding their roles in an ever-changing technological sphere sheds some vital light as to what web development is.

The front end developer

The role of a front end web developer is taking the design team’s proposed website design and writing the appropriate code needed to realize it on the web. In essence, a decent web developer specializing in front end design is fluent in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. HTML is necessary because it helps in content addition while placing it in the right format, such as titles, paragraphs, tables, and the likes.

CSS alternately is responsible for styling the content placed in HTML. That means sizes, color, borders, and the likes. Finally, JavaScript adds an element of interactivity to the site, such as buttons and choosing what happens when a user clicks on such buttons.

In a nutshell, web developers focus on the front end ensures that all the content is visible, and in the correct place. As time goes, they might pick up content writing to populate the pages as they go. They also ensure that the color distribution set in place by the client or designers are in the right place to bring about the best visual representation of what the client had in mind.

The back end developer

Unlike their front end counterparts who deal with client-side programming, the back end developers are in charge of programming on the server-side of things. Back end web development involves creating code to run the website’s servers, their embedded applications, and the databases which sites draw information from.

The back end developer is not concerned with aesthetics at all. Their job is to ensure that the website runs smoothly and without interruptions. As such, they are adept with a wide range of server-side programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python, SQL, and Ruby. Each of these languages is very useful in particular situations.

For this reason, the web development professional has to be very flexible and knowledgeable in their chosen language.

Full-stack developers

While some choose to focus on one specialization and get very good at it, some understand both the front and back end processes and strategies. As such, they are perfectly positioned to oversee projects that blend in both the front and back end. Although it might seem like a very enviable position, their work is often cut out for them.

Unlike the front or back end web developer who only has to master just a few languages, the full stack developer must understand several languages from each side.


According to a web development Jacksonville FL company says it is quite complicated. People don’t realize that the beautiful, interactive websites they enjoy had someone who worked on thousands of lines of code to make it run as smoothly as it does.

Web design, in a nutshell, makes people’s dreams of what their platforms should look like come to life. Without web developers, the internet would never grow as fast as it is. Also, most of the technologies we enjoy are as a result of web development and its evolution.

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