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The Best 2020 Gifts You Can Ship Last-Minute

Global isolations have birthed household bakers, artists, fitness enthusiasts, and other kinds of creatives. We made do of what is given to us. Some made lemonades, some stayed the same.

Many of us have become so hyper-aware of everything that’s happening that we’ve never been more connected to our families and already have gifts for them in advance. While some became fully focused on their insides, their motives, and their purpose that special occasions almost always pass them by.

If this is you, know that it’s perfectly okay! Give yourself a pat in the back because you remembered. And with all that’s going on, we’re still here choosing to give the gift of giving. Here are the best 2020 gifts you can ship last-minute:

1.   Gift Basket with Wine

This fun and festive gift basket is perfect for any occasion. It includes two bottles of white wines along with a large variety of snacks such as lime tea cookies, Skinny Pop, Sun & Swell bites, summer sausage, cheese, gummy bears, and some darling accessories.

It can also be shared by kids as a tasty food basket while the adults enjoy the wine. There’s a wide array of combinations to choose from. Checkout, and leave the rest to the speedy delivery.

2. Gifts from the Manly Man Company

After Manly Man beef jerky bouquets were born, stemless maple candied bacon jerky rose bouquets were launched. To date, The Manly Man Company® offers an ever-growing line of unique gifts for men like Meat Cards, the MAN CARD bottle opener and Beef Jerky Flowers.

3.   Udemy Online Courses

2020 is the year of transformation. Health, wellness, family, and societal change have trumped material possessions. The latest gadget is still fun, but learning a new skill lasts longer.

Whether you’re looking to expand your resume or finally master a skill you’re good at, online courses range from business to arts. Your recipient will learn from some of the top industry leaders in the world, and they have you to thank for it.

 4.   Beauty Box Delivery

Self-care has been modernized, and that’s such a good thing for the younger generation may it be a fad or not. Prioritizing one’s health is the best gift you can give this time in the world.

Your family and friends obsessed with skincare, makeup, and all kinds of nourishing products will appreciate this. There are choices for men, too. Because everyone needs a little care here and there.

5.   Flowers

This year brought us back to the basics of life – the things we tend to forget because of the tech evolution before us. 

Sending flowers will remind your loved ones that sometimes the simplest gifts from nature is all we need to feel loved again – even if they’re sent last-minute.

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