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Smithsonian Museum Says Objective Thinking Is A Sign Of ‘Whiteness’

A taxpayer-funded museum in Washington D.C. says on its website that objective thinking, self-reliance and planning for the future are among the signs of whiteness that have permeated throughout American culture.

Whiteness and the normalization of white racial identity in America has “created a culture where nonwhite persons are seen as inferior or abnormal,” according to an article published by the National Museum of African American History & Culture (NMAAHC).

Aspects of whiteness and white culture include an “emphasis on the scientific method,” which involves “objective, rational linear thinking,” “cause and effect relationships,” and “quantitative emphasis,” according to a graphic created by the museum.

The NMAAHC is a member of the Smithsonian Institute, which bills itself as the largest museum, education and research complex in the world. The Smithsonian Institute received $1 billion in federal funding for its 2020 fiscal year, a figure that comprises 62% of its budget, according to its website.

Other aspects of whiteness include planning for the future, delayed gratification, valuation of time as a commodity, decision-making, self-reliance and politeness, according to the NMAAHC graphic.

As white culture has been “normalized” in the United States, “all Americans have adopted various aspects of white culture, including people of color,” the museum states.

The museum warned that the dominance of white culture in America “leads to an internalized racial superiority for those who adhere to it,” and said a key step to ending racism is for white people to acknowledge their “white racial identity and its privileges.”

The NMAAHC added that being white “does not mean you haven’t experienced hardships or oppression,” but it does mean white people “have not faced hardships or oppression based on the color of your skin.”

“We need to be honest about the ways white people have benefited from racism so we can work toward an equitable, fair and just society,” the museum wrote.

The article on whiteness was published as part of the museum’s “Talking About Race” project, which was launched in late May following the police-custody death of George Floyd, who died after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes, according to video of the incident.

The NMAAHC project flew under the radar until Claremont Institute President Ryan Williams highlighted its article on whiteness in a tweet Monday evening.

The project pulled research from nearly a dozen experts on race, equality and inclusion, the most notable being Robin DiAngelo, the author of “White Fragility,” which shot to the top of bestselling lists following Floyd’s death.

The NMAAHC did not immediately return a request for comment.

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  1. OMG! What next? Do these people know how silly they’re sounding? Do they know how much trouble they’d be in if their parents hadn’t looked to the future for them? Do we really want the newer generations running our country? They have no outlook on anything, just put everything on simmer and let nature take it’s course.

  2. My O’ MY ! And for over eighty years I belived that our Creator (GOD) gave everyone a brain AND the ability to use it !!!

    Hardships based on ‘color of skin” Tell me, just how the hardships differed for our military in war. Did not the black, brown and even red skin soldiers endure “more” sleeping, eating in freezinf cold or the oppressive heat of the jungles in WW2 than the white skinned ?

    IF the Smithoian Elite actually want a constructive conversation they need to regain balance first. I have a twin and our ‘hardships’ and struggles have been differenrr and guess what,,,,we have the same color of skin!!

    God’s children are ALL special and HE chose our skin colors ‘just for us” hoping we’d take advantage of opportunities in our path.

  3. The Smithsonian eh? Really. It’s almost like reading/hearing a beatnik poem to nowhere in San Francisco’s’ North Beach in the 60’s. It’s embarrassing and hard to believe that this tax-payer supported entity has such a group of knuckleheads expressing a high level of blather and depiction of whiteness like they know what they’re talking about. Slavery was resolved by the extreme loss of lives of thousands of “white” and a lesser number of “black” Union soldiers during the civil war along with a masterful political maneuver by President Lincoln and certain conservative politicians during the civil war period. The reason was to stop slavery and help move the races to recognize the realities of the freedoms advocated in the constitution. And to improve the idea of race cohabitation without prejudice. A tough pill to swallow for democratic segregationists back in the day and our modern day democrats. But actually it worked in California after WW2. Growing up in San Francisco in the 50’s, I went to school with all the races and had many mixed race friends. Most had strong family structures, kids finishing school with great educations and trades training which provided substantial mixed races resources to the workplace of the 60’s and beyond. So we now we have the cancel culture, the party of crime, California in last place for educational excellence, and of all places the Smithsonian staff professing deep knowledge of whiteness and its awfulness. Instead of advocating a lame form of political correctness, they should be advocating for a neutral place for all Americans to contemplate the complexities of humanity as depicted in all the Smithsonian facilities. These facilities write the history of natural history and humanity along with its historical weaknesses and strengths. Americans have strived to fix the ills which humanity has wrought down through history and have actually succeeded quite well. You won’t find me apologizing on “other aspects of whiteness include planning for the future, delayed gratification, valuation of time as a commodity, decision-making, self-reliance and politeness”. If whiteness is terrible because of those attributes which it seems those Smithsonian knuckleheads profess, then many of my mixed race friends who also have the same attributes must have something wrong with them. Yet those attributes have provided me and them with reasonable livings and retirement security because we kept our proverbial noses to the grind-stone. Its an effective style of Whiteness, Blackness, Asianess, Mexicaness, etc, etc.

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