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Securing Home Safety with Garage Doors

When you park your car at the end of the day, the thing that you expect the most is that it is safe and secured. You don’t want to worry about anyone breaking into your car, stealing your car, or breaking into your home through the garage. In fact, most people don’t remember to install the security on their garage door when they secure the rest of their home. Here are a few tips below to help you secure your garage door.

Stay on Top of Upkeep

Making sure that your garage doors are in excellent shape is the first way to keep thieves from getting to your car and any other valuables you store in the garage. If your garage door is off of the tracks, or a screw or hinge is loose, it provides an opportunity for a thief to figure out a way to get inside. Make sure to not neglect the small items like screws, latches, and lightbulbs that can be replaced easily. Maintenance can be easily taken care of by one of the reputable garage door shops that will come out when you need and make sure that your garage is in the best shape to protect your home.

Don’t Give Ideas

Homeowners love to sit outside in their garage with their door open when they feel safe in their neighborhood. This is fine when they are in the garage but many homeowners go inside and leave their garage door open all day because they trust their neighbors, not knowing who has driven or walked by and seen all of what they own. It’s important to keep your garage door locked at all times when you are not in it. Covering or frosting the windows also gives curious thieves a harder time to see what you are storing inside of your garage. Getting a garage door without garage windows would be even safer.

Keep it Locked

Not only do you need to keep your garage doors closed when unattended, but you also need to keep them locked. Remember thieves can get into your house from the garage also. Putting a deadbolt lock on the door between your house and the garage is best for keeping your family and your belongings safe. If you know you will be gone for a long period of time or on a vacation putting a padlock on the throw latch for extra security is a great idea. 

Install an Automatic Door Opener

It takes more to protect your car than just closing the garage door. You need an automatic door system that allows you the convenience of opening and closing your door with a push of a button. Garage companies like STI offer garage door services in Fairfax, Virginia, and are capable of installing any kind of garage door opener that fits what you need. When installing your security system make sure that the keypad is inside the garage and not on the outside. It’s also a good idea to bring the garage door opener inside your home instead of leaving it in the car. If someone does manage to break into or steal your car when you are out, they will have access to the inside of your home once they get into the car.

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