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How to buy the best teepee tent for Your Kids

Buying a play teepee tent is a pretty straight-forward process. Most of them are very similar. You should buy the best teepee tent for kids to make them happy. There are a few features that you’ll want to think about, though. Here are a few items to think about:

What kind of roof?

Few teepee tents have waterproof roofs, so don’t buy one of these with some serious camping in mind. In fact, most teepee tents have a mesh top that allows you to peek in on kids quickly – a useful feature if you need to check that they’re behaving themselves or to make sure they’re safe. Teepee tents can get awfully hot as well, so a mesh top can help in more than one way.

What kind of teepee tent floor?

Some teepee tents have no bottom. Others have a thin fabric made of the same material as the teepee tent walls. Many teepee tents have a thicker waterproof floor, which comes in handy if you plan to take the teepee tent outdoors or if you’re allowing food or drink in the teepee tent when it’s indoors. If your teepee tent has any floor, plan on laying down a thick blanket or carpet inside the teepee tent only to keep busy feet from twisting the floor up and pulling the walls together.

What kind of setup?

Some teepee tents are “pop-up teepee tents,” which means you unfold it, and it just sets by itself. These are perfect if you know you’ll get tired of setting up and taking down a teepee tent or if you always have to take the teepee tent down after playtime because of space constraints. Other teepee tents have poles that are assembled and threaded through sleeves, which add a little more stability. These teepee tents certainly take a little more effort and possibly assistance from an adult, but there is no significant price difference.

Are you intended for outside play?

Do you plan on frequently taking your teepee tent outdoors? Play teepee tents typically do not have a feature of staking the tent to the ground. They can easily blow away if you don’t create your own method for fastening it to the ground. Many have mesh tops so is dangerous to put that tent in the extreme weather.

What type of teepee tent?

Play teepee tents come in all shapes and sizes. Plan accordingly if you want one big enough that an adult can squeeze inside or if you’re convinced you’ll need to crawl in periodically to drag out an unruly child or two. Some come with attachable tunnels for added fun. If you stick with the same brand, you can easily create teepee tent cities by combining all your tunnels and teepee tents. Some teepee tents also have built-in activities like a ball pit or basketball hoop. Your child might be more interested in a themed teepee tent. You can find just about any theme you’re looking for – princess castles, space ships, school buses, etc.

With just a few careful considerations you can find a teepee tent perfect for your own situation!

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