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Benefits of Growth Hormone replacement in people over 60


Aging brings a new phase of life that offers both good and difficult changes. You may have more money and time to enjoy traveling and hobbies you didn’t have time for earlier in your life, but may also suffer from aging health symptoms that inhibit you from enjoying all those things the way you want.

What Causes Aging?

Pivotal causes lie with hormones. Children and young people are flooded with naturally produced hormones that help them grow and develop. Some are produced by the liver, reproductive organs, and intestines but one crucial one is produced in the brain. 

The human growth hormone (HGH) is naturally manufactured by the pituitary gland in the brain. The hypothalamus stores it to ensure the proper amounts are released correctly. 

HGH is responsible for growth in children. That includes height, weight, muscle, and the proper functioning of all body organs. Children who have height or growth issues are sometimes put on HGH therapy.

As adults age, the body reduces the number of hormones produced. While most focus on reproductive hormones like testosterone and estrogen, the most significant symptoms result from a lowered production of the growth hormone.

Aging Symptoms for Men

Men have a host of aging symptoms that are unique to them and the slower production of the human growth hormone is related to most symptoms. Men’s aging symptoms include:

  • Lower energy
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Less exercise capability
  • Lower sex drive
  • Loss of focus

Aging Symptoms for Women

Women can experience some of the same aging symptoms as men, such as loss of energy and loss of sex drive. However, they have some other symptoms that tend to affect them more than men. Those include:

  • Weight gain
  • Reduced bone density
  • Memory Loss
  • Emotional roller coasters

Reduced Productivity vs. Deficiency

Many may think they have no options because aging is a natural process that begins with a reduction in hormones. That may be true but many may also suffer from hormone deficiency they are mistaking for natural aging. 

Hormone deficiency is defined as an unnatural reduction in hormone production when compared to others in your age group. This is something that is treatable. 

Hormone deficiency can occur in a number of ways. There could have been an injury, such as a damaged scrotum, ovary, or where a person sustains a head injury. Cancer and other chronic illnesses, many of which require aggressive treatments, could also affect long-term hormone production. 

Getting Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) comes in different forms. Getting HGH replacement therapy is a bit more complicated than other HRT therapy options because of federal laws that ban it for general use or anti-aging treatments. 

Illegal human growth hormone therapy is dangerous as it can lead to significant long-term side effects such as cancer. Celebrities who have used it illegally have had serious health issues. However, using it legally under the care of a doctor proves to show little risk. 

Getting growth hormone therapy legally requires that you validate a legitimate hormone deficiency. That requires you to go to a doctor for a consult, which includes a couple of tests. One of the tests given is a blood test to see where you are in your hormone production compared to others your age. If the doctor determines you have an unnatural growth hormone deficiency, your doctor will give you an HGH prescription that you can use to obtain therapy from a reputable HRT clinic, such like

Those who start human growth hormone therapy are required to be committed to it for a long-term basis to see results. Your doctor and hormone replacement therapist will also share possible side effects with you before you start. 

HRT patients that use growth hormone therapy claim they are happy with the results. Some benefits include more energy, better and clearer thinking, more muscle tone, the ability to lose weight, and better sex life. 

More Options to Stay Young

Even if you choose to go with HGH therapy, there are other ways you can improve your aging experience and stay as young as possible. Some suggestions include exercising regularly to keep up muscle strength and prevent arthritis, eat nutritious meals that include a lot of antioxidants such as berries and fruit along with green vegetables, and keep in the learning groove by reading a lot and taking classes to stimulate the mind. 

Other possible avenues to stay fit and healthy include taking things like dance classes, yoga, or practice meditation to reduce stress and socialize. 

Those who don’t qualify for human growth hormone therapy do have other options. There is an abundance of over-the-counter hormone treatments that offer relief from aging symptoms. These come in pills and topical gel forms and address many specific issues.
They aren’t as effective as true HGH therapy but are natural, safe, and have helped many people. 

Those who are interested in learning more about HRT therapy and how to qualify for legal HGH therapy should fill out the form below.

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