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Zerodha – Best Stock Broker in India

Investors are obsessing over discount brokers since the time they emerged into the market. Capital market place turned rather cheap and unconventional, on contrary to the scenario when the traditional stock brokers solely ruled the market. We ought to discuss about Zerodha, which pioneered the discount broking model in India.

Here is every other important thing about the most demanded discount broker Zerodha, put together for your reference. The company’s performance is astonishing and is definitely worth your time.

About Zerodha

Zerodha boasts introducing the discount broking model in India, when it commenced its operations in the year 2010. Elimination of hurdles related to cost, support and technology became a fashion for this company, which long bother the potential stock market investors.

They have come a long way in the market, attracting over 2+ million clients. Their style of providing products and services, along with the support they provide is loved by the clients. For extended support, they facilitate online education to empower traders. Their technology is ground breaking and invention is their basic fundamental.

Benefits of Zerodha

The points which make investing with this highly rated company worth it are mentioned below. This will let you have a strong opinion of the company, a rather positive one.

  • The best part about investing with a discount broker is low brokerage. Zerodha has free Equity Delivery trade offer, while the other segments are provided for investment for flat brokerage. A lot of other pricing offers make up to the company’s exclusive offers.
  • Zerodha Support is one of a kind, where they provide interactive blogs and a portal for query resolution.
  • Online trading platforms of the company are one of the best in the market, which provide great tools and features. A Backoffice platform is as well rendered along with trading platforms compatible with all devices.
  • The settlement duration on NSE is T+0.

Know about Zerodha Brokerage Calculator

The Zerodha Brokerage Calculator is one of the many trading tools provided to its customers. This tool lets the investors commute the brokerage charge payment on every single trade before actively placing an order, in order to determine how profitable the trade is or otherwise.

Our brokerage calculator will not only commute the flat brokerage charge for you, but will also commute all the other charges which are included in a transaction. You can even see the exact profit of the trade at the end of the charges list, as featured in the calculator.

Check Zerodha Brokerage Calculator Here –

Know about Zerodha Margin Calculator

This is another technology embedded tool for the investors of the company. Zerodha Margin varies as per the segments you choose to invest is. It is basically the exposure provided by the company, which lets an investor place an order that accounts to more than the money balance he/she holds.

A margin calculator commutes the additional funds or exposure you can avail for, and also the number of shares that can be purchased using the same amount.

Know about Zerodha Demat Account

The gateway to investment and trading in the stock market via Zerodha is a Zerodha Demat Account. Irrespective of the segment you wish to invest in, you need a demat account which give you the authority to invest in the first place. It is also a mandatory norm as fixed by the regulating authority, where you need to avail for a broker’s demat account.

A small payment goes towards the Zerodha Account Opening Charges and Zerodha Demat AMC. This is your sole obligation towards the company, and the company will open all the doors of investment options for you. You will then be able to trade and invest on your own terms, through the highly embedded online trading platforms.

To get detailed review of Zerodha Demat Account, Click Here


The achievements made by Zerodha are attractive and quite intriguing. The way it has shaped the capital market is fascinating and the efficiency they have always portrayed in praiseworthy. This is the reason why it has climbed up the ladder of most demanded stock brokers list.

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