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Massive Amount of Personal Data Exposed After Adult Website Hit By Hackers

Users were left worried concerning their privacy following decryption of a 98MB database holding their private data and information. The renowned wife lovers site mainly comprising adult content was hacked, compromising the privacy of its users. The incidence was attributed to low-level security measures used to protect user information since the site was using an outdated encryption technique dating four decades ago. Hackers used the DEScrypt algorithm, which is an old-fashioned method to crack it, exposing the site’s weak security compared to the current sophisticated techniques in use today.

Wife Lovers with all its other sister sites: nudemen[.]com; asiansex4u[.]com; nudelatins[.]com; wifeposter[.]com; indiansex4u[.]com; nudeafrica[.]com; and bbwsex4u[.]com were affected in this hacking involving 1.2 million email addresses. According to an independent researcher, Troy Hunt, Wife Lovers confirmed the incidence that gave hackers access to emails, usernames, personal profiles alongside IP addresses and passwords. The information posted on this platform is adult in nature with user’s photos that explicitly share their desires and emotional needs. The hackers managed to pull this off and took massive data with them, believed to be used in the extortion and blackmail of the users.

Troubling Experience for the Site Users

Hackers have in the past used this kind of information for their gain and this case was not different. A random search of the personal email addresses matched those used in some social platforms like Instagram and e-commerce sites such as Amazon. That way, it was easy to identify the users’ background information including location and close family. This exposes the users to great risk of becoming victims to extortion and other felonies. CNN’s military analyst Col. Cedric Leighton said that this was a high risk considering the amount of private data that could be mined from such an incident.

Nothing is as risky as sharing out other people most cherished secrets especially touching on the compromises they are willing to make through such platforms. Hackers can do anything with that information and get away with it because the affected will have little or no defense left for them against their loved ones. More than just being used for extortion, identity theft is another big threat leading to huge losses for the users. This could leave the victims wallowing in deep trouble that may spring out of their control. Intimacy issues leave people exposed to their deepest secrets and that is why these adult website members felt threatened by the occurrence.

Activities around the Hacking Incidence

According to Wife Lovers, this incidence was occasioned by the work of an unnamed security researcher that managed to access message-board registration and downloaded it. This gave him details such as usernames, IP addresses, email addresses and passwords alike. Disguised as a researcher, the hacker managed to issue a copy of the entire database to Robert Angelini, the site’s owner. Despite promising not to publish the information, there were no guarantees to that effect and is believed that it could have landed to other online users with not-so-good intentions.

Past hacking attempts have succeeded in the name of doing a security search and this wasn’t that different. A typical example is the hacking of CNET by w0rm. Despite declaring their honest intentions at first, the result was a hacking incidence that harmed the owners and site users as well. Wife Lovers has existed over two decades now with 1.2 million users of which only 107,000 were believed to be active in all the relating adult sites affected. However, it is not fully confirmed of the number that was indeed affected by the incidence.

It was easy for hackers to get into the website because of the old-fashioned encryption methods used. Being the old-fashioned method it is, DEScrypt encryption couldn’t provide the much-needed security for users. That was key in making it susceptible to attack creating a catastrophic impact on the lives of the users. However, Angelini took it upon himself to reassure his clientele of the less impact created by the breach. He reiterated that their sites kept separate systems of posts on message board and for premium members. Therefore, the paid member users are said to have been protected from this attack since information concerning them was kept by the company processing their transactions. Well, that was as far as the site management was concerned. At the end of the day, it trickles down the impact felt by an individual user.

Hacking of this magnitude especially on a site with sensitive information of their clientele presents a huge risk to them. It is indisputable that any site is prone to attack and that is why a constant update on security measures is important. Hashing techniques are basic requirements for site security and proper encryption based on current technologies and developments in this field. The biggest failure by Wife Lovers is the lack of up-to-date security measures in place to secure their client’s information.

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