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Buy followers on Instagram to keep up with your branding efforts during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic that is engulfing the world has created unprecedented economic and health crisis. It has put millions of jobs at stake as businesses of all sizes struggle to find ways of staying afloat with an uncertain future staring at them. Small and medium businesses are facing enormous financial problems and looking for cheaper but effective ways to stay connected with consumers amid the widespread lockdowns enforced by governments to prevent the spread of infections. Luckily, as people remain locked inside their homes, they are now spending more time online than ever before. This allows marketers to connect with them online on social media platforms like Instagram, free of cost. If you do not have a business account on Instagram, create one now and then buy followers on Instagram to kick off the campaign.

The long layoff from the physical markets can take a toll on the brands. They can make up for this by taking to social media that will help to ride the wave. It can make the brand stay alive with customers in the way they want and ensure that they come out unscathed from the other side when the pandemic subsides.

Instagram provides the opportunity to connect with consumers more intimately during the pandemic with influencers, who are the prime movers of all marketing activities on the platform. During uncertain times, brands can maintain the much-needed connection with consumers that give them hopes of turning the tables when things start looking up.

Buy followers on Instagram but keep customers in the loop

This is when you can prove that your relationship with customers is not just that between buyers and sellers but much more. By staying in touch with customers, you not only make them aware of your existence during the lockdown but also show your intent of doing the best that you can do for them. On the Instagram platform, you can show them that you still have something to offer, although in a way that is different from the activities that you usually engage in. It is when you can share inside stories about your business by showing customers what you are doing behind the scenes and what your business is up to. This is the time to share insights into your business with your followers and create a more personal bond with them that compels them to come back for updates.

Increasing brand trust and ensuring safety

Safety and hygiene are the topmost concerns of people during the times of COVID-19. To ensure that customers do not grow suspicious about your products and services, you must explain to them through stories and pictures how safe it will be for them to interact with your products and services. Use Instagram visuals to convince them how you have ensured customer safety, and it will enhance their trust in the brand. Sharing with them an informative post on the safety measures like social distancing and other steps that you take during COVID-19 is helpful. You can take it further by sharing safety tips with them that shows your concern for customers during difficult times. Instagram allows you to show customers how safe your environment and products are.

Smart advertising

This is undoubtedly not the time to sell your products unless the items help in managing and maintaining safety and hygiene during the pandemic. But still, there are ways of conveying value to customers by producing impressive advertisements that subtly tell about your ideas and offerings that you have created to align with the changing needs of customers. A lot of brands are producing great ads during COVID-19. A great example is McDonald’s advertisements that revolve around bread and milk, which are available in drive-throughs.

Adding value

It is the time when you must not focus on direct conversions but instead do your best to provide resources and value to customers. Create long term strategies by playing a beneficial role for your customers and followers with an eye on the future. Be active on social media to create an impressive social presence that customers will remember for days to come when the pandemic goes away. Serving high-quality content to people will pay back well as most people have ample time to consume it and would be happy to find great content.

Stay connected

As your business had to down shutters suddenly due to the raging pandemic and lockdowns, overcome the physical distance with customers and followers by staying active on social media. This is the only way to keep your brand in front of your customers. Constant interaction with customers during this time will allow them to discover new aspects of the brand that give them reasons to turn loyal to the brand.

All your interactions should focus on relationship development against the backdrop of the pandemic.

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