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8 Tips on Buying Gel Blasters Accessories

Purchasing your gel blaster accessories online is more convenient than going to the stores, although you won’t get to test the accessories before you place an order. For that reason, it is important that you first read the accessories specifications. Gel blaster accessories can also be quite technical and thus the need to consider operational information such as the recommended usage and best practices.

TacToys Australia offers various accessories, equipment and upgrades. As such, you must ensure there is in stock the specific shipping and shooting you are after. Below are eight tips that can go a long way in ensuring you order the exact gel blaster accessories without any glitch:

1. The Battery

When buying accessories, the battery is with no doubt as important as the gel blaster. You should go for a battery that has the needed connectors. It should also come with chargers that fit the particular battery. You will not have to struggle so much before you get an AC charger as they are pretty standard. However, USB connectors and AU plugs are the ones to go for since you never know at what point your blaster power drain. For the battery upgrades, verify that your blaster is compatible with the component.

2. Range

Hop-ups put a spin on the gel ball and thus allow you to shoot even farther. You should keep in mind that hop-ups are different. Look for those that use hex screws, rather than straight screws as the latter are likely to strip. For a secure fit, the hop-ups should be fitted with more than one connector screws. A hop-up that snaps into place is easy to use, but a threaded one will even allow a more secure fit.

3. Your Load

Having a nice carrying case or bag will make it easier for you while in the battlefield. A rifle bag should have pockets that will let you put all the necessary accessories ensuring nothing is left behind. You are likely to scrape your weapon when you don’t have a good bag. The right bag should have plenty of padding, to allow you to hold various blasters.

The rifle bag that you buy should also fit your weapon. The zippers and stitching of the bag must also be durable and of good quality. Ensure that it comes with an adjustable sling that lets you carry your bag comfortably and haul your gear with ease.

4. Grip

You should look for a grip that has contoured or striated rubber. The contours provide traction. Nylon grips are useful when you get your hands sweaty. The grip you get should, therefore, withstand getting damp. A grip with locks and screws securely fit into place and is more durable. Also, get a robust adjustable bipod that can support your forearms when you are leaning for a shot.

5. Specifications

Most of the time, blaster accessories are limited in their compatibility. With that said, you should look for specific info that explains the accessories that are compatible with your particular blaster. Moreover, some accessories become compatible with certain blasters after you have made some adjustments to either the blaster or accessory. It would be very frustrating if you received an accessory that doesn’t match your blaster or needs fiddling that you cannot do for yourself. Hence, ensure before you make an order that the requirements are stated.

6. Reputable Website

You should look for a website that can be trusted when shopping for your gel blaster accessories. It is advisable to talk to a customer service representative or service technician before paying. Talking to them will give you the opportunity to ask any question regarding the accessories you need. The site should also provide a detailed description of the blaster accessories they have in stock.

7. Fulfillment

With cyber theft escalating every day, make sure you purchase your accessory from a trustworthy website with secure checkout. The HTTPS extension in the URL can help you identify the checkout. The extension can also be removed in some websites and replaced with a lock icon that will appear locked. The site should also let you track your order on their dashboard.

8. Protections

Gel blasters are typically expensive, and the accessories can even go more than a hundred dollars. For the safety of your money, go for an online shop that offers a return policy that is clearly marked such that you can get your money back or exchange the product.

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