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The Secrets of DarkNet and How to Avoid Getting Into It

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The Dark Net topic remains one of the most feared and searched among other threats that you can face during your life. Although it seems pointless to fear the dangers from the dark web (as if it was a wild animal from the woods), and we all must be educated on the matter and know what to do if our information becomes a target for cybercriminals.

The best way to be alerted and cautious regarding the matter of cyber threats is to learn what Dark Net is, what is the best identity theft protection 2020, and what exactly is identity theft? Here is a short article on the subject that we often misinterpret.

What is the DarkNet?

Dark Net is also known as “surface web,” the one that lays deeper than the standard internet we used to see daily. At the same time, it is important to understand the difference between “deep web” and “dark web”.

The deep web refers to anything that occurs without indexed by but can be found via search engines like Google or Yahoo. However, the deep web is anything that requires sign-in credentials.

The dark web is a subset of the deep web, which is hidden and requires a specific browser for access. Of course, we all think that only illegal activities since it is hard to trace, access, or indicate who performs these transactions.

The dark web websites are no different from any other ordinary website we are used to. However, their domains are different, and scammers also exploit the encryption for fooling other darknet users. It is never a fair game when it comes to this layer of the web.

Identity Theft

Identity theft regards the stealing of your user credentials, documents, security and social numbers, bank accounts, etc. The criminals exploit one’s trust or use malware to gain access to this type of information. The stolen information ends up specifically in the darknet, if not used by criminals themselves.

The most common cybercrime committed on the dark web is stolen identity deals. When your data is transferred to third parties, the encryption and other aspects of the marketplace make it harder to investigate the case. Identity theft and darknet are inseparable.

The number of data traffic exposed in the darknet is impressive. According to Javelin Research, the number of identity theft victims counts dozens of millions every year. The trend is increasing and leaves many specialists still concerned, although law enforcement has improved with their methods of identification and prevention of the matter.

What to Do to Avoid Data Breach

First of all, we kindly recommend using antivirus software that is designed to detect and prevent malware and malicious links from getting to your systems. The most common scam scheme involves using phishing links and websites, where users provide their credentials to the criminals without knowing they are doing it. AV solutions will alarm you about these hidden threats.

Secondly, keep an eye on your financial papers, your account activity, and other aspects that you might have dismissed before. Some companies provide their users with identity theft protection but also help to manage financial and credit history and improve credit scores.

Moreover, you should ensure that your accounts are protected with 2FA (two-factor authentication) measures. Update your passwords and set a security setting for alarming you if the suspicious activity was registered.

Thirdly, you should be aware of scam schemes and problems of exposure in social media. It is good to do a small research before signing up for shady online contests and giveaways.

The fourth piece of advice is to pay attention to identity protection solutions. However, keep in mind that these products will provide you with alarm and notifications if someone already tries to use your identity credentials, but not to remove or prevent criminals from doing so. For further case resolution, you need to file a police report and complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

If you already felt a victim of this crime, we are hoping that this will never happen again with these extra cautious steps.

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