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Some Myths about Yellow Sapphire

As a precious gemstone, yellow sapphire has the elegance and enigma that captivates your fascination. For centuries, this gemstone has been in the folklores, myths, and legends in different cultures. From a cosmic gemstone to an alternative to the precious diamond, it has come a long way.

The unique and vibrant canary yellow color of Pukhraj stone creates a charming aura and brings yellow light energy to your life. However, there are many misconceptions as well surrounding this gemstone. Here, we will bust some of these myths.

Myth 1: Yellow Sapphire Comes in a Single Shade

Many people believe that yellow sapphire refers to the gemstone that’s available in a bright canary yellow color. However, that’s not true. This magnificent gemstone is available in many other shades of yellow ranging from pale hues to pastel and lemon yellow. It also comes in a deep orangey and golden yellow shade.

The color varies due to the trace elements of iron in the composition of gemstone. The higher concentration gives deeper color with rich hue and intensity. In some cases, yellow sapphires are also color enhanced using radiation or lab-based irradiation.

If you are buying Pukhraj for jewelry purpose, you can choose any of its colors you like. But, when buying a gemstone for astrological uses, you need to be mindful. In this case, try to look for the bright canary yellow mined in Sri Lanka. It is a rare and extremely precious variety of yellow sapphire stone.

Myth 2: Pure Yellow Sapphires Have Absolute Clarity

It is almost impossible to find any variety of sapphire stone with absolute clarity. Even the best quality Pukhraj stone will contain slight inclusions or flaws. That’s the reason this stone is graded for Perfection which refers to a gem that’s eye clean. Here, you also have to know that yellow sapphire has lesser inclusions when compared to other colors like blue sapphire or pink sapphire.

The medium tone of this gemstone highlights the inclusions on its surface. Hence, gemstone experts recommend buying a stone that looks clean to the bare eyes. Since inclusions are natural occurrences resulting from crystal growth, it is not common to find them in the most precious stones as well.

However, you should be cautious about the surface blemishes or scratches. Avoid stones that are clearly flawed and their blemishes are visible to your eyes. Look for the grading of the stone to determine its clarity before purchasing.

Myth 3: The Cut of Yellow Sapphire Doesn’t Matter in its Quality

Contrary to what you hear, the cut is a crucial factor affecting the value and quality of a yellow sapphire gemstone. A poorly cut gemstone may look lifeless and dull. On the other hand, a brilliant cut brings out its beauty with full splendor. Here, cut does not necessarily refer to the shape of the gemstone.

Instead, it means the facets on the surface that allows the color and light reflection to shine through the gemstone with the perfect balance. When determining the cut of a precious stone, it is also essential to understand that cutters cannot compromise the luster of the stone to retain its weight. Hence, you may rarely find a well cut blue sapphire or pink sapphire. But, it doesn’t apply to Pukhraj. That’s because the rough yellow sapphire stone is less costly than other colors.

You can find this stone in fancy shapes as well. A good cut is necessarily important for lighter shades. The darker stones may look brilliant and lively even if they are poorly cut. So, the cut of yellow sapphire gemstone does matter in its quality assessment even if this stone is easier to shape than other varieties.

Myth 4: You Can Buy Treated Yellow Sapphire for Astrological Purposes

Some fake sellers may claim to offer astrological gems at extremely low prices. These stones are usually the heat-treated or lab-induced imitation gems. They are neither suitable nor meant for astrological purposes. And no, you cannot wear a treated gemstone to gain astrological benefits or healing properties associated with pure and 100% natural gems.

Heat treatments are usually given to the stones that lack the color and other physical attributes of a pure gem. Remember, these attributes give a gemstone its cosmic and metaphysical properties. You should look for the untreated stones that carry the raw and unadulterated beauty. They might be rare and much more expensive but the end results are worth the hefty price tag.

Hence, before buying a gemstone for astrological reasons, don’t forget to ask for any documentation or lab certificate related to the same. Some sellers like Gempundit offer free lab certificates with each stone they sell. This certificate proves the authenticity of a natural gemstone as approved by an authorized gemology lab.

Myth 5: Yellow Sapphires Are Extremely Pricey

It’s true that Pukhraj in its purest form can be on the expensive side of the spectrum. That’s due to the rarity of the gemstone. However, don’t get put off by the misconception that every yellow sapphire carries the same prices. You can find this gemstone with standard color and quality in every price band.

The idea is to filter your choices according to the carat weight and other quality factors. If you choose an average combination of color, carat, cut, and clarity grade, you needn’t drain your budget to buy the gemstone. At reputable gemstone stores, you can buy Pukhraj ratna in the price range starting from INR 2500 per carat.

Myth 6: Yellow Sapphire is Suitable in Gold Metal Only

Some experts may agree with this myth, though it’s not entirely true. The choice of metal typically depends on the shade of the gemstone. You can choose rose or yellow gold for Pukhraj stone in rich yellow shades. For lighter gems, however, you can pick the metals like platinum or white gold.

These are some common myths about yellow sapphire stone. When looking to invest in this precious and stunning gemstone, it makes sense if you don’t believe in these misconceptions and follow the best practices to find the genuine product.

Hence, take help in the form of gemstone recommendations from leading sellers having a team of specialized gemologists to help you at every step of the way.

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