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Our Role In Fighting COVID-19

Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease that has left the whole world in terror. It is very similar to the cold virus when it comes to spreading. It is viral in nature. The virus directly infects the lungs and breathing patters of the individual infected. It is now commonly called COVID-19. There is no cure for the disease. The most common way they spread is via the droplets released from either the cough or the sneeze of an infected person. The droplets consist of the virus itself and it can be alive on the surface for multiple hours. Therefore, it is advised to maintain as much distance from each other as possible.

Symptoms of Coronavirus Include the Following

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Headache and muscle ache
  • No taste
  • And sore throat

Fortunately the death rate corona causes are very less and in extreme cases can it cause respiratory problems along with organ failure that can ultimately lead to death. (Lauren M. Sauer, 2020)

Corona was first stumbled upon in the 1930s in a couple of chicks who faced respiratory problems. The mortality rate of these chicks was between 40 to 90 percent. In humans however the virus was first discovered in the 1960s but the patients were then successfully isolated. But it still hit the world in 2020 excessively after its first outbreak in China. It has killed hundreds and still counting with no cure. Many believe that the virus is man-made and was spread intentionally, yet no proof has come forward of the accusations. Many of the people accuse China of the evil task coloring it into a biological war while on the other hand many believe it is just a natural disaster and will settle soon.

Coronavirus has spread excessively in a little period and affected many. A large population has recovered from it but a large is still at risk here. This is the reason why the world is quarantined. Education, business, construction, food, agriculture et cetera everything is closed, and the streets are suddenly all empty and haunted. Economies of many countries have dropped aggressively. The biggest combat is on the funding. Trump has requested the congress for dollar 2.5 billion worth of funds to combat crises arising from the corona. Yes, corona did not hit the US as hard as it did to many Asian countries, but things have changed now. Today the US is on the top list of the affected countries from COVID-19.

COVID-19 is something alarming. Obviously when the enemy is invisible and in every possible corner one can think of the situation that can be very scary. However, at this hour we all need to be brave and try to save ourselves and those around us through any possible means. Few are the steps one can take to decrease the disaster:

Maintain Distance

Social distancing so far is the only cure for the disease. Coronavirus as previously mentioned is highly contagious and can jump from one person to another in seconds. This the reason governments all around the world have announced lockdowns and closure of business as well as production. Health comes before anything else. Those countries that are intelligently following social distancing regulations have faced a significant decrease in virus cases.

Marketing Can Help

Taking care of the business must be rough these days no doubt. But believe me it is not just you; everyone is suffering. But in these tough times one can be useful by serving the public with some knowledge against COVID-19. One can use effective marketing techniques to send the message of what a threat virus is or how to prevent it. The goal at the end of the days is to educate people and save lives. Using different platforms to get to people can be a heroic act at this time.

Spread Awareness

One can use different tools to spread awareness about the virus and save as many people as possible. Tools such as keychains or lanyards placed at different locations with different messages such as ‘Don’t forget to wash hands’ or ‘sanitize’ or ‘use masks. Little words can make a difference. 4inlanyards is the perfect place to get custom lanyards or printed lanyards at affordable costs, and not just lanyards but badge reels, wristbands et cetera. Even if it is small one should take a step to save humanity.

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