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Houston Air Duct Cleaning: 4 Mistakes You Must Avoid

Well-maintained HVAC systems and super clean ducts play a pivotal role in ensuring that there zero problems when it comes to the functioning of the unit. Whether it is the oppressive summer heat or chilly winter nights, effective duct cleaning will make living comfortable in your Houston home.

According to an article published on, homeowners must take ventilation seriously to improve indoor air quality for easy breathing without allergens and pollen.

Then, negligence in duct cleaning may lead to an HVAC system breakdown when you need it the most. It happens due to some duct leaning mistakes. Here are four blunders to avoid:

1. Not considering upgrades seriously

When it comes to professional duct cleaning services, it can differ from simple tasks such as dirt or dust removal to the more complicated removal of attic insulation, which is a far-reaching upgrade many homeowners ignore. You need to do meticulous research to stay aware of these advanced upgrades so that you pay the right price for the service. It will also help you to negotiate deals, rebates, and discounts.

2. Failing to hire a trusted duct cleaning company

Heating, cooling, air duct cleaning and ventilation involve many aspects of your HVAC system. The company offering cleaning services should ensure thorough cleaning of the ducts and dust removal to ensure improved air quality inside your house. Else, the air will become impure with allergens and pollen leading to ailments like cold and flu. That is the reason why you must hire a trusted duct cleaning company and not some fly-by-the-night agency. You can checkout Air Quality Express to learn about duct cleaning and how they work.

Not paying heed to this aspect and hiring a credible duct cleaning company with no or little research will prove detrimental to your home and family.

3. Thinking lifetime filters will cut down maintenance costs

A common mistake many homeowners commit, which relates to air filters and their maintenance. Many homeowners think that lifetime washable filters or high-performance allergenic filters will trim down duct cleaning and maintenance costs. To be candid, there is nothing like a lifetime filter, which is a myth. On the contrary, highly plated filters will limit air circulation, thus affecting your maintenance costs and schedules.

In simple words, you will need to clean the air ducts when required to ensure clean, fresh air circulates in all your rooms.

4. Thinking that duct cleaning is a frequent process

No, duct cleaning isn’t required every year unless you detect dust and grime accumulation in the same. Did you know that too much cleaning of air ducts would damage your heating and cooling unit?

You should only go for it when you detect air extreme contamination and poor indoor air quality in your home. Once the duct cleaning is done professionally, it will last for 3-7 years before scheduling your next duct cleaning in the future. It means that you should be aware of things to avoid basic blunders.

Final words

Avoid these basic mistakes to ensure seamless duct cleaning in your house. Spend wonderful moments with your loved ones at home. Breathe fresh air and stay healthy.

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