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5 best US cities for jobs, despite Coronavirus pandemic

Have you lost your job during the Coronavirus pandemic? Here are the five US cities where you may find a new job despite the economic effects of these uncertain times. 

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic had a significant impact on economies all around the globe. Brick-and-mortar business and public institutions had their doors closed for a couple of months now, many industries have seen significant decreases in their sales, and, consequently, millions of employees were fired or placed in technical unemployment.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, over 38 million people in the US filed unemployment claims. This staggering loss of jobs has wiped out more than a decade of employment gains. Moreover, it pushed families, which has an excellent economic status before the pandemic, to line up at food banks as they wait for financial help from the government. 

It’s difficult to say when the US’s economy will recover from the novel coronavirus pandemic, and when things will go back to normal. Yet, according to new research from FutureLearn, an online learning site, some cities in the US are expected to provide better economic stability and assistance to their workers than the rest of the cities across the US.

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The learning site has recently released a list of the best cities for jobs this year, based on factors such as economics, government policies, quality of life, and gender equality. Moreover, the researchers analyzed the cities which made their way on the list based on aspects such as annual GDP growth rate, cost of living, the rights of employees, gender wage gap, Covid-19 impact, and many others. 

If you’d have to look for a job now, here are the cities where you should be looking for:

  1. Miami

According to FutureLearn’s research, Miami’s score for worker’s rights was 43.26, while the cost of living score was 76.47. 

As for the impact of COVID-19 score, for which researchers used indicators such as limit public gatherings, border and schools closure, limit product exports and imports, and international flights and domestic travel restrictions, as well as partial lockdown, Miami’s score was 70.79. 

  1. Atlanta

The research concluded that Atlanta’s score for workers’ rights was 42.51, while the cost of living score was 94.7. As for the economic impact of the pandemic, Atlanta scored 69.85. 

  1. Minneapolis

Minneapolis also made it to FutureLearn’s list of best cities for jobs for 2020 with a 45.06 score for workers’ rights, 88.89 score for the cost of living indicator, and a score of 69.85 for the economic effects of the Coronavirus crisis. 

According to another research from Moody’s Analytics, Minneapolis also made it on the list of the cities with low population density and high educational attainment, which are in the best position to recover from the pandemic’s economic effects. According to the research, nearly 33.73% of jobs in Minneapolis require candidates to have at least a college degree. 

  1. New York 

You know what they say about New York” If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”. Thus, it’s no surprise that New York made it on both lists from FutureLearn and Moody’s Analytics. 

According to FutureLearn’s data, New York scored 45.47 for the workers’ rights indicator, 44.02 for the cost of living indicator, and 70.79 for the economic impact of the outbreak. 

As for the city’s result based on Moody’s Analytics research, New York scored with having nearly 31.44% of jobs that require employees to have at least a college degree. 

  1. Boston

According to the FutureLearn’s list, Boston had a 45.75 score for the workers’ rights indicator and a 63.95 score for the cost of living factor. By analyzing the economic impact of the pandemic, researchers offered Boston a 69.85 score. 

If you used to be part of the mortgage industry, the telecommunications, the health care or the supply chains industries, Boston might be the best city for you to find a job. According to a Boston-based recruitment marketplace for 900 employers, called Scout Exchange, there is a surge in job openings in these four sectors mentioned above. 

Making money from home 

Unsurprisingly, one of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that remote work from home jobs are on the rise lately. As working from home is becoming the new standard, companies across the US get more comfortable with hiring fully remote employees. 

Whether you’ve lost the job during the pandemic or you didn’t lose your job but don’t want to return to the office after the pandemic is over, we have some good news: you can look for a new job that allows you, or even requires, you to work from home. 

According to new research from Adzuna, a job search engine, remote job openings were on the rise even before the pandemic, with a nearly 270% increase since 2017. Amid these uncertain times, the number of work-from-home vacancies continues to increase, increasingly making the standard office-based jobs a thing of the past. 

Jobs like social workers, lead data scientists, accountants, human resources professionals, case managers, cybersecurity pros, and infrastructure automation engineers are in high demand these days, all hiring remote employees. 

But that’s not all! Thanks to technology, investing is another good way to make money from home these days. Although investing money might seem to be far from everyone’s top concern right now, it should be. The pandemic will end someday, and planning financially for the future is even more important now, during these uncertain times, than ever before. 

If you are one of the lucky ones to get a steady paycheck during these uncertain times, or you have some money put aside, now would be the time to invest in your wealth planning. Not sure where to invest your money? From investing in the Stock market to investing in real estate, commodities, investment funds, trading cryptocurrencies or trading Forex, you have plenty of investment options to make money from home

Even if you are new to investing, you can take advantage of this free time during the lockdown and test your skills. Let’s say, for example, that you want to join the Forex market. Choosing an experienced broker, such as US, will give you the help you need to get started with various tools and advantages, including demo accounts or low commissions. 

 The US economy has gone into freefall over the last couple of months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unsurprisingly, we are all struggling with financial worries. Yet, there seems to be good news as well for those who don’t mind relocating for a new job, looking for a job in a different industry, or getting into investing. 

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