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3 Pet Flea Myths You Must Know to Start the Best Dog Flea Treatment

When you have pet dogs around your house, you need to care for them so that they stay safe and healthy. Your pooch or Fido is your best companion as well as to your children. Besides, when kids are around, you need to ensure that your pup is clean and flea-free. Then, there are many dog flea myths doing the rounds to confuse pet parents, which affect treatment.

According to an article published on, whether it is flea preventatives or dog flea medicines, all pets require the right treatment and medication regularly. Then, some of these dog flea myths need to be busted so that you can start the right treatment for your furry friend.

1. Fleas only live on your pets

It is one of the greatest misconceptions doing the rounds. Usually, fleas intrude your home and feed on pets, true, but these critters also stick to your bedding, pillows, sofa throws, carpets, rugs, curtains, as well as furniture upholstery. The noxious parasites start breeding and lay flea eggs and larvae, and therefore, you need to get rid of these critters from the pet’s body as well as from your entire house. Else, even if your dog has no flea after treatment, these parasites will crawl or jump, and start feeding on your pooch’s blood once again.

Therefore, you need to wash all your beddings, furniture upholstery, carpets, and rugs to eliminate dog fleas, which is the ultimate treatment. For additional information on flea products, click to view buydogfleameds and get all your questions answered.

2. Only unhealthy pets have fleas

Though clean and healthy dogs are indeed safe and healthy, even properly groomed pups can become susceptible to a flea infestation. Therefore, keep watch on your pooch and wash his coat with shampoo to keep him clean. Despite that, if you find fleas feeding on your pet’s blood, you must use dog flea medicines or repellents, which is the best treatment for your furry friend.

Additionally, feed your dog with a high-nutrient diet, especially natural foods to keep him safe and healthy. Use the best pills, creams, ointments, and flea collars to keep critters at bay.

3. One flea on your dog is not an issue

Wrong! Did you know that 90 percent of flea inhabitants are in the larvae, egg, and the pupal or cocoon stage? It means that those fleas are initially found in your bedding, carpet, rugs, and furniture upholstery.

You will also find critters in the dark areas of your yard or front lawn where your pooch plays or hangs around. From these places, the parasites crawl or jump to the pet’s coat and start feeding on your pets. Therefore, it does not matter whether your pet has one flea on him, eventually, more will find a cozy home in your pooch’s fur and start feeding on his blood. Therefore, check your dog’s fur and if flea-infected, start the best possible treatment without any delay.


Now that you are aware of these myths, you can take better care of your furry friend and keep him safe from fleas and parasites.

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