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Who is Fariba Rahimi?  A Boss lady and Style Icon

Fariba Rahimi is a Top Iranian fashion model, people look up to her as a style icon. Furthermore, she is not only a modal but a successful business woman and a growing entrepreneur. No doubt she is an inspiration for all those who believe in women empowerment.

Fariba Rahimi on the way of success:

Fariba Rahimi was born in Iran in 18 September 1979. She has three siblings, her parents worked for the Shah of Iran. Being fond of modeling and the showbiz industry, she decided to pursue her goal and dream of becoming a fashion model.

When she was a teenager, probably at the age of 16, she decided to go to turkey. Her family stayed in Iran while she moved to turkey alone. But after spending two years, at the age of 18, she decided to move to Norway alone. In Norway, she began her career in modeling as a young passionate and aimful girl for a native modeling agency Trondheim, for 2 years.

After making her name in a modeling career still, she was not satisfied with herself by just being a model alone. So she took a hard decision there and quit modeling, following that she decided to start her own business. She went on for her new projects as a realtor and as an entrepreneur. She started working hard on it and learned management skills. Her determination and entheustic nature led her towards a successful business woman in real estate. Now she is handling 3 different businesses as a Boss.

At the age of 38, when she finally became a boss lady, she decided to re-enter into the modeling field and started modeling as a brand ambassador for different companies. Being motivated to rejoin the modeling industry, it had brought her career in modeling to the next level. She made a video about advertising collection 18 and sent it to Versace. Many international Newspapers and Magazines have also printed her photos.  This shows that she has been successful in her modeling career. She joined Versace in 2018 and has been offering her services as the ambassador of Versace and has been doing their commercials.

Many people get inspired from her. She is a popular face and style icon with thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube. She has worked for different brands and companies and there are various upcoming projects on which she is working already. She recently had a photoshoot with Harlys Becerra, a famous actor from a famous Spanish season Locked up on Netflix.

Re-entering the showbiz industry was the right choice for Rahimi. She felt that her life has become more colorful and elevating after taking this decision.

Fariba Rahimi as an Inspiration:

There are many other models and superstars out there in showbiz but this woman Fariba Rahimi has made a sole example of being a popular model and entrepreneur at once. Her future as a boss lady is already bright and shining. No doubt her achievements are self-made.

Well, which thing inspired her most to accomplish her objectives was her ‘desire and courage’. Her dream to get her name highlighted in the modeling industry has indeed fetched her far in the career.

After being motivated by many ideals. She worked on the principle, “slow and steady wins the race.”  Rahimi wants to be a style icon and a successful entrepreneur too. Her enthusiasm for her career and her thirst for success is indeed something that we must learn from. With her name on the peak, undoubtedly, we will get to see her more often, be it in the modeling or business journal.

Moreover, she has also got the motivation to start a business in the hotel industry soon. From her previous start-ups, we can say without any doubt that this business is also going to be a successful one. With various ongoing projects, it is her utter determination and willpower that is pushing her onward to accomplish her aims and goals.

No doubt, it is the continuous struggling spirit that enables a strong woman to prosper in her career. No matter what perspective – the will power of women like Fariba is Incredible. With the endless enthusiasm to fulfill the goals, Fariba is the best stimulus for success to everyone. She copes to encourage others via her fetching nature and impressive self-achievements. It is predominantly inspiring how a powerful lady can take charge of different businesses and become efficacious and powerful as she is today.

Success does not come in a single night. So fundamentally, it takes a lot of courage to be successful on the long run and Fariba has established that example. She has faith in herself. Hence, proven that age is just a number and nothing is Impossible. For what you struggle, ultimately that is yours.

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