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Terry Maxwell Turns Viral Video Into Viral Success

Today, we see people get famous for all sorts of things. However, many overnight celebrities tend to completely fall off after a few weeks or even just days. With the short attention span of the online community, it’s hard to remain in the spotlight. Terry Maxwell had other ideas, and turned his viral fame into a successful business career.

An entrepreneur since his time in grad school, Terry started off the business life early on, diving into multiple business ventures. One of these business ventures was investing in bitcoin, which ended up paying off heavily for Terry. With newfound wealth, Terry moved to Florida where he hoped to grow his career even further.

One of Terry’s biggest opportunities came from an unexpected place: an opportunity to be in one of Twitter star Lil Esco 28’s videos. After befriending the young content creator and his team, Terry found himself signing off a viral Lil Esco 28 video with a wave of his hand and a simple “Hey, how’s it going?”. The video in question would quickly reach over 7.5 million views and 500 thousand likes, and give Terry Maxwell the chance to create a brand as a public figure.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Terry was able to gain a substantial social media following from the viral Twitter meme and use it to create the foundations of a business empire. With his newly amassed 200,000+ instagram followers, Terry used his momentum to bring customers to the table. Terry now runs M Six Labs, a CBD processing company, and Nobel CBD, a CBD white labeling and brand development company. Terry also operates his family finance business Web Finance Direct and an online smoke accessory shop Glass Nation.

With business booming and a massive social media following, Terry shows no signs of slowing down as an entrepreneur and public figure.

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