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Instagram – Allows Browsing Posts over Video Chat

COVID 19 has taken the world by storm. It has brought the world to a halt. The only way to limit the spread of this disease is by social distancing. So, in lieu of social distancing Instagram now allows you to browse through different posts with your friends over video chatting. This is just amazing and has made it easier to tide through these tough times. What’s more, it is coming up with superb measures to curb the spread of all misinformation related to coronavirus. The medium is, in fact, promoting healthy behavior amongst users by providing some wonderful tools in these times of COVID- 19 pandemics.

Feature of Co-Watching

This all-new feature of Co-Watching is minimizing the mental and emotional impact of social distancing amongst the new generation. You can easily access this feature by starting a video chat via the Instagram Direct messaging tab. Then you need to tap on the photo icon that is located on the bottom left of your video chat screen. Now, with this, you can save, like or even recommend posts together as a group. Because of the high engagement rate and popularity of Instagram, a lot of people buy Instagram Followers.

Misinformation Measures

Instagram has come up with amazing misinformation measures that preclude the spread of any kind of misleading and false information. There is a new alert that is located right at the top of the search results. This links the users with World Health Organization resources, stickers, etc all which promote reliable and accurate information that is being circulated by the health authorities. For instance, there is a ‘stay at home’ sticker that promotes the norm of social distancing which needs to be done in present times.

Also, there is downranking of the content both from Instagram stories and feed that does not concur with 3rd party fact-checkers. Instagram as a medium does not support the dissemination of any kind of wrong or inaccurate information. It is, in fact, promoting aggressive removal as well as the moderation of all coronavirus- linked content from the Explore tab. When any post is deemed as false the 3rd part checking agencies, the platform removes it from hashtag pages and Explore. So, what you see is checked and verified to avoid the spread of false rumors.

If you wish to promote the right information, you can buy Instagram likes. When more and more people see something that has been liked, they will also believe it and as a result, a chain of right and authentic information will be created. Even prior to these new set of policies, Instagram had started to take action against the wrong spread of coronavirus linked information. It was banning any misleading that professed cure for the disease or thing that would prevent people from contracting this deadly disease. The platform has also removed search for COVID -19 themed AR effects unless they have been in partnership with reputed health organizations such as WHO.

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