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How to find the Best SaaS CRM for your Team

The best SaaS CRM for a small business is a pretty big debate that is having its moment now! If you own a small and growing business, then you would know that CRM is one of the main elements that you would need to hold the sales and marketing functions together. This would contribute to a seamless and high rate of conversion for you and your team. Before we launch into a discussion about the various SaaS CRM platforms, let us understand what CRM really is and why you would need to invest in the same for your small business.

CRM or customer relationship management is the new buzzword that is keeping companies in the running, world over. So, how is it doing so? Well, for starters, it stores your information. Now, this may sound a little vague and it even may sound like something that you can do on your own, manually. Yet, we need you to imagine the scenario. If you have all the information you need, would you and your team necessarily have the time to manually store each and every piece of information in a system that you have built for the purpose? And even if you manage to do the same, would you remember that exact information when you need it? And how would you teach your team members to intuitively use the right information at the right time for scenarios that you do not even know yet? These are the questions that a SaaS CRM software answers for you. How? 

Well, for starters, a CRM software ensures that there are specific functions that can customize and put into a framework for you and your team, for the exact needs of your business and its prospects and clients. This would then tap into the right information without you having ti hunt for. And this would also be accessible for the various team members so that the information can be used properly in a professional setting to work towards efficient conversions. This would come with a number of additional benefits like better productivity for you and your team, as well as more time for your team to look away from the mundane and focus on the core skills that can further your business goals. This is where the SaaS CRM software comes into the picture. 

A small business may not always be able to afford an expensive and customized CRM software and this is where the free SaaS CRM software steps in. With free SaaS CRM software, you gave the best SaaS CRM for a small business. What are SaaS CRM platforms? A SaaS CRM software is basically a software for service concept that provides the CRM system from a cloud based location and it is a service that is much more affordable rather than a product that would a hefty investment for a company that is still small and growing. 

Here are the ways in which you can find and decide on the perfect SaaS CRM software for your small business:

  • Security: One of the most important things to remember when you are on the lookout for the perfect SaaS CRM platform for your small business, is security. While most of these platforms are deliberately equipped with some great security options, you would have to look into the kind of encryptions and the layers that go into the security aspect of it as well as the amount of risk attached to the platform as such. You may want to get your technical team or even hire a team to have a look at the actual back end so that you can ensure that the security aspect is up to the mark. You should also check to find out if you get daily backups on the SaaS CRM software that you choose. This will help you save the information and ensure that it is always on hand for you to use. 
  • Affordability: With high competition, it is easy to find the right fit from among the various SaaS CRM platforms. You could also have a look at the free SaaS CRM software for the beginning as well. This will also help you test the waters before you decide what kind of framework you want to build and the exact functions that you want to hook up with the various aspects of the information that you store. Sometimes, trying a free or beta version for size can help you grow and understand what your business really needs to leverage in order to truly get to the top. This is when you can go ahead and choose a more enterprise centric and upgraded system. You should also check if you get free and easy upgrades so that you can constantly bring in features that can take your business to the next level.
  • Collaboration: You would need to check how many team members you can bring on to the SaaS CRM software. This is especially important in case you are choosing a free SaaS CRM software. This would help in bringing in the right person for the right job, especially when you are expanding your team and bringing in even more talent. It is very important to choose the platform that would allow you to bring in a number of team members and assign varying security values and access to each, in a customized manner so that each team member would be accountable in his or her own way. 

Installation: Make sure that you choose the SaaS CRM platform based on the ease of installation. This should also make you check whether or not you get constant support from the team that would be helping you with the installation. You should also check reviews online to ensure what the general customer experience or user experience has been like. This will help you understand the areas that would require extra work as well and how you can navigate those areas.

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