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How to Create a Starter Get Home Bag for Prepping

We live in uncertain times and many people will have taken an interest in prepping. A get home bag is a great start.

If you want a get home bag, the list below should get you started:

Shelter supplies like mylar blanket, bivy, emergency ponchos, or tarp are a must. When you are exposed to elements, you will be hampered even if you are a physically fit person. You can easily fit a lightweight poncho in a child school backpack because it is in a small package. It is also a good idea to have hand warmer packets because they take little space and will prove to be useful. You also have to add rope because it is going to be useful for a couple of other survival uses.

The food items you choose need to be lightweight, energy-dense, and easy to prepare. Sight and smell discipline might be a concern when walking home, make sure that not all your food has to be cooked. Some good lightweight options are long-term food storage pouches and MREs, but you are going to need heated water before eating them. Proteins bars and granola bars have a long shelf life and don’t take too much space. Other viable options are trail mix and dehydrated fruit. You are going to rotate your food items because they can easily expire, which means you would have wasted your money.

The most basic survival need is water, and you should never overlook it. A person needs about two to three liters of water every day in order to maintain function and health. Having more than three liters of water is going to be hard. You must have purifying tablets and water filters in your get—me-home bag so you can easily replenish your water supply.

You need to have first-aid supplies. You can use nature’s antibiotic such as tea tree oil, for disinfecting wounds and treating lips that have blistered as a result of the exposure to the sun. The oil won’t take up much space in your bag and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can use the oil in soothing sore muscles and also helping with swelling. a bottle of witch hazel is going to have some weight, but it will prove useful when repelling insects and pests. You should also include bandages that have been designed for quick clotting. A sewing kit can also come in handy when suturing wounds and repairing your clothing and sheltering materials. It is recommended to have over-the-counter medications, and if you use prescription medications, then make sure you have them. Carrying along scissors will help because they can be used for self-defense and first-aid. Jock itch spray’s antifungal nature is going to be used in preventing and clearing rashes. Having superglue in your bag will help because you can use it in sealing cuts, and you don’t have to worry about space because they take very little. You should also include a one-time-use ice pack, the one that you can activate by squeezing, and also a tourniquet.

While you can take care of your self-defense by having a legal open carry or concealed carry handgun, it is a good idea to have other protection items too. A hunting knife, pepper spray, or a taster should be packed too because they are good self-preservation tools.

You will need lights, and this is why you need to have a headlamp, a flashlight and extra batteries, and glow-in-the-dark sticks. You can get cheap and lightweight solar yard lights then strap them on your bad using duct tape which you will then insert into your bag. This will help you because you will have a rechargeable light source that is also hands-free.

You should include a jacket suiting the season and spare socks in your bag. You should have a full change of clothes if possible. This can help you in avoiding hypothermia or frostbite. You should always ensure you have packed toboggans and pairs of gloves. You can end up shivering when there is a temperature drop in the evening.

Having fire starters in your bag stored in containers that are moisture-proof can prove to be a great decision because it can help prevent the situation from becoming worse. A good example of a fire starter is dryer lint that is wrapped in wax paper and cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol. Make sure that your lighters and matches have been stored in waterproof containers.

It is a must to have ab old-fashioned paper map in your bag. You should try having two maps then cover one of them in clear contact paper so it can be protected from the elements. You should be paying close attention to the driving route and noting any land formations or landmarks so they can help in guiding you if you lose your maps. It can be a little hard to do the entire journey along the roadway, which is why it is important to have a topographical map and try your best to familiarize yourself with the wooded areas. One thing that can come handy during this time is an inflatable pool ring. If there is a waterway, then you can float along, which means you will walk less and get a break from the trekking. You can use a plastic trash bag as a poncho and also a protective cover for your bag when it rains or snows. A compass and signaling mirror are a must because you will need them for navigation.

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